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Radio Host Confronts Charles Barkley, Almost Gets His Butt Kicked

Charles Barkley

Recently, Charles Barkley made some critical comments about the women of San Antonio. Tim Duncan‘s girlfriend and other San Antonio women responded in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Now video has surfaced of a radio host in San Antonio attempting to talk with Chuck about the comments, and almost getting his butt kicked in the process.

Listen, there’s a time and a place to have an adult conversation with Chuck. On a personal level, his atavistic comments were dreadful, but if you’re going to show up at the bar — at the FREAKIN’ BAR — with a camera — WITH A CAMERA! — to try and bait Chuck into saying something he’ll regret (good luck), you’re putting yourself in physical danger. Violence is never the answer, but the way this San Antonio radio host went about this was wrong, too. We’re not saying Chuck should have thrown him through the window, but if he cracked the guy in the mouth…

Plus, the camera man dropped a “turrible” in an attempt to jokingly mimic Charles as his bodyguard/friend* was trying to politely remove them from the premises.

We’re not saying Barkley should have up and slugged him out like he’s Tim Donaghy at an early-aught refs meeting, but Chuck’s obvious irritation, and calls for the man to be kicked out of the hotel bar, are totally warranted in this case.

We just wish someone would ask Chuck about the comments in a better setting. He stood by what he said and told people to change the channel if they were/are offended. It was a joke to Chuck and the TNT crew, and while the snide words about larger women were hurtful to women everywhere, he’s an entertainer and gets paid handsomely to be himself — warts and all.

That doesn’t mean you should run up on him with a camera while he’s trying to relax with a beverage.

*One of the greatest things about Chuck is that he doesn’t travel with a huge entourage, even though he probably should. He doesn’t have bodyguards, he has buddies, and his own — rather substantial — girth to thwart would-be fans from crossing the line. Sports Illustrated writer, Jack McCallum, delves into this a little during his interview with Chuck for his Dream Team book.

(via Worldstar; H/T BroBible)

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  • SweetdickWilly

    That’s the cost of business if you choose to talk shit, especially if you’re comedian and or commentator/sports figure. If you can pitch then you should be able to catch. I can’t get behind Chuck on this one.

  • Abel

    He decided to run his mouth on TV what do you expect when he goes to a city that nobody wants him in
    If he don’t like it then he needs to keep his fat mouth shut

    #BMS you guys did good filming that idiot

  • alwalker

    Shut up you weirdo.

  • alwalker

    Pitching… Catching… Getting behind???

  • Melissa Haynesworth

    Fucking losers get a life!truth hurts

  • Abel

    #BMS you did a good job
    Barkley talks all this shit and has to get someone to handle a situation what a Loser

  • Abel

    Suck barkleys dick

  • Abel

    Of course you probably a Lakers fan lol no wonder lmao

  • david

    After somebody already got in his face and asked him about his comments he’s says he’ll kick the next ones ass lmao ok

  • alwalker

    You’re fucking weird.

  • Abel

    Only weird one is you just Stfu already get a life

  • EverAlwaysRealLife

    Dont fall for this shit, the guy obviously wanted hits for his show hes got going on there, probably a youtube series or something…. Dude is gonna get his ass kicked one day

  • alwalker

    Getting a life… You fucking weirdo. SMH. Fuck is wrong with you?

  • Abel

    You still barking lol

  • alwalker

    You can’t tell?