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Rihanna Breaks LA Police Commissioner’s Phone Taking Selfie

Rihanna, Steve Soboroff

Rihanna, Steve Soboroff (photo. @SteveSoboroff)

Rihanna was spotted courtside during Game 3 between the Thunder and Clippers, sitting alongside Los Angeles Police commissioner Steve Soboroff. Steve asked Riri to take a selfie of them sitting next to each other, which turned out to be a big mistake.

Here’s Rihanna taking the selfie with Soboroff:

And here she is dropping, and breaking, Soboroff’s phone after taking the pic.

The selfie turned out nice, though, but Rihanna’s eyes are focused elsewhere. Either that’s part of her selfie style or it explains the ensuing clumsiness.

(H/T BroBible)

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  • Gawd Soljah

    So police commish get to hit celebrity high price Pros? And when I say pros I mean Prostitutes

  • adam g

    Rhianna is hot

  • Tracey

    Love Rihanna!

  • jaceking

    hahah.. police commish playin it smooth.. she looks pretty dope here too