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Roy Hibbert Blames Frank Vogel’s Game Plan For His Scoreless Game 4

Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

For the fourth time in the 2014 NBA Playoffs and the sixth time over his last 21 games, Pacers big man Roy Hibbert put up a bagel in the scoring column. The runner-up for the 2014 DPOY was 0-for-4 with zero points during Indiana’s Game 4 loss, but blamed coach Frank Vogel‘s game plan more than his own play for another scoreless night.

Before Monday night’s donut, Hibbert had been abusing Miami’s small lineup inside. He averaged 22 points and 10 boards during last year’s seven-game Eastern Conference Finals against Miami. He dropped 19 points in Indy’s Game 1 win after consistently going to the line where he was 9-of-13, but despite shooting better than 53 percent from the field in Game 2 and 3, Hibbert managed just 12 and 16 points, respectively in Miami’s two prior wins. Then came last night where he was scoreless, with five rebounds and a block in 22 foul-plagued minutes.

Per ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Hibbert explains the culprit for his 0-fer night:

“The game plan really wasn’t to utilize me as much; I’m just trying to be effective as I can,” Hibbert said. “Would I like a little bit more touches early on? Yeah. But that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.”


“I can only control what I can control,” Hibbert said. “I can’t control plays called for me.”

Through four games of this year’s series, Hibbert is averaging 11.8 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. Last year’s Conference Finals saw Hibbert average 15 shots a game. Through the first four games, he’s averaging nine shots a game with a high of 13.

Vogel wanted to see David West against surprise Heat starter Rashard Lewis, but it was Roy’s three quick “touch fouls” — as Vogel referred to them — in the first half that limited his ability to get into an offensive flow.

“I just need to be a good teammate if I don’t get looks,” Hibbert said.

Hibbert might seem like a lumbering stiff to some casual fans, but his post presence has been effective against the blitzing small ball defense the Heat play. When he sets a side screen and rolls halfway to the rim, Hibbert can be, and has been, a force against this Miami team because they don’t have anyone that can match up against his 7-2 frame. But his presence, like its been all postseason long, has been limited for long stretches, whether because of foul trouble, poor play from Roy or a different game plan from Indiana.


Does Hibbert need to be more involved in Indy’s offense?

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  • 2cents

    I’m going to be the first to give Hibbert a nickname. “Mr. Invisible”. Most might think it’s because he can put up an invisible lid on the defensive rim, but I’d say it’s because he disappears during the most important stretches of games.

    I don’t care if you don’t get a play called for you Mr Invisible, there is nothing stopping you grabbing an offensive rebound and putting it back.

  • RogerBliddack

    ^^ Exactly! Scoring ZERO points when you are THE TALLEST guy on the court is inexcusable. (His work ethic is terrible)

    ‘Winning’ is not important enough for Hibbert to crash the boards hard to catch a rebound and go right back up strong.

    In fact, Hibbert moves around the court like he is conserving ALL of his energy for the ‘off-season’. (i.e. He looks as if he would rather be doing something else with his time – instead of trying to win an NBA title)

    This series is finished. Lack of effort will send them home after the next game.

  • Glidehoyas

    I’ve know Roy since 14 he’s a great team player and he’ll
    do anything for his teammates and coaching staff…but will they do this for him…He hasn’t gotten the touches he needed …everyone see’s when he gets his early touches he produces and sometimes produces big numbers…isn’t this the way we’re suppose to play
    basketball inside outside not outside inside…when Roy’s teammates go away from his they commit lots of turnovers in short periods of time…his teammates and coaches need to know they cannot win without Big Roy being more involved in the offense…when he gets the ball he either scores or gets fouled…If you ask me Hibbert should be the leader of that team not the 24 year old Paul George…he cannot leader this team, he likes sleeping with teammates women …we talk about players downfall during these playoffs ..hmph look who started at this damn drama …Paul George….GIVE ROY THE BALL… http://glidehoyas.blogspot.com/2014/05/pacers-continue-to-have-inconsistencies.html

  • Glidehoyas

    oh yes it is it’s called selfish teammates and a f’d up coach ya dig …u’d have to know the psychological aspect of the game

  • 2cents

    Good for you. Sticking up for someone you know personally is important. I agree he isn’t getting the ball enough, but again, ZERO points against the Heat front line is inexcusable. Unless the Pacers are shooting 100% on FGA, there are offensive rebounds to be had. No way a 7-2 guy cannot be sucking them in and putting them back.

  • Walter Egy Herrmann

    roy hubbert makes more money than anyone on the team, he is taller than anyone on the floor, and he blames a 6-nothing white guy who hasn’t even stepped on the floor playing, for his zero “offensive output” (can you call that _that_?!). So cute XD

  • Walter Egy Herrmann

    who would he blame, let’s say, if he ever had a zero rebound game? Oh, wait a second….!!! XD

  • Glidehoyas

    I wouldn’t say I was sticking up for the big fella basically talking basketball and psychological aspect of the game…basketball is 90% mental 10% physical.. unfortunately there’s been some issues on that team on and off the court that has mentally affected not only Roy but George, Lance and Turner…Vogel is the head honcho ey? He has no control and does not make adjustments ..People need to understand Roy has been going through this crap for a few years and hasn’t said a word when I feel he should of …now he says what he feels and he’s right his teammates have been been playing selfish basketball…Roy runs the floor well, gets in position right away, gets no look in the post at this time Hill still dribbling the ball through his legs…Roy moves again to get open his hands even up doesn’t get the ball ..I can go on and on it’s sickening basketball when the Pacers play outisde inside basketball…ur suppose to play this game of basketball inside outside. Right? As far as rebounding …Roy is pissed he has up his picket sign saying I’m not doing nothing …if I have to send a message home to my teammates and coach so be it I’m tired of this crap…PGeorge got his 90 million and dubbed as the teams leader pahahahahaha yeah right…why not revolve your offense your big man he’s 7 2 and can flat out play…ya’ll know damn well Big Roy can grabbed a rebound when he wants too…The big fella works so hard for his team and hardly touches the ball when he does he either scores or gets fouled and when he gets to the free throw line he makes most of his free throws…


  • 2cents

    You are putting up a good defense here and I hear what you are saying. Agreed the team offense isn’t built around Hibbert, but in the games I’ve watched, he plays a lot smaller than 7-2. If he consistently dominates on the offense end, only then will the Pacers see the need to change their offensive patterns.

  • Glidehoyas

    Right 2cents, just think if they would throw him some LOB’s and bounce passes he could use those ey? He’ll play bigger then just throw the ball up to the basket ..how many of those have we’ve seen? …lol

  • Glidehoyas

    Hibbert is a two time all star and all the issues they had I think it was more of rebellion that not being able to score, come on now…Roys’ always scored buckets since I can remember and he’s a NBA two time all star …it’s easy just to elaborate on the moment but let’s be real here you need a point guard a true one to know when, where and how to get him the damn ball…

  • 2cents

    Sorry dude, but it seems like you are fighting a losing battle here. A 2x All Star (what does that mean, anyway – my goodness,

    Jamaal Magloire was an All Star – so that fact means nothing), does not go scoreless because players don’t get him the ball. He finds a way to make things happen and get his team the win. If he is hammering dunks, everytime he gets it in the low block, then his team mates get him the ball. If he fumbles, turns it over and misses easy bunnies, he isn’t getting the ball.
    This series is done and so am I.