NBA / May 5, 2014 / 1:31 pm

Video: Glorious Mashup Of “I Love This Game” NBA Spots

I Love This Game

For a basketball fan that grew up worshiping the NBA in the 1990s, the “I Love This Game” commercials raised the hair on your back of your neck. You couldn’t just search for them on Youtube, so they harken back to a time when we really did love this game and craved a lot more of it. We still do, and this eight-minute clip of them is fun reminder why.

The Internet hadn’t taken off yet, and most of the games weren’t on TV (especially for me personally, since I experienced childhood without cable), so when these commercials popped up, it really struck home. Reliving them in this mix reminds us all of an earlier, simpler time. Still, it would have been nice to have League Pass back in the day. Bonus points for the Cindy Crawford cameo.

(H/T Lang Whitaker)

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  • 2cents

    Thanx for that Spencer. That took me back. I discovered the NBA in the early 90s in Australia, so that meant we had a regular NBA game crammed into less than 45 minutes, that my brother and I would record on our parent’s VHS. We watched those tapes so many times that after a while they were unusable.

    I’m not sure it was better back then, but I do I agree, we truly were in love with the game back then…