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Dwyane Wade’s Depressing And Distressing Game 5

Dwyane Wade, San Antonio Spurs

Dwyane Wade, San Antonio Spurs (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

When you’re blown out in the NBA Finals for the second consecutive game at home, it’s usually time to start point fingers, and the biggest culprit on Miami — aside from LeBron James‘ chef — was Dwyane Wade. After sitting out 28 games to remain fresh for game’s just like last night, D-Wade faltered when the Heat needed him most.

It’s not just that Wade was 3-for-13 from the field, although his shot chart was filled with more red than fair-skinned family on vacation in Mimai. He also struggled to contain Tony Parker on defense, and continuously got abused by Boris Diaw any time he switched on to him in the post (to be fair, Diaw was abusing just about anyone who tried to contain him)

Dwyane Wade shot chart

Dwyane Wade shot chart (photo. NBA.com)

Watch this sick defense Kawhi Leonard play by pressing Wade until he finally coughs it up:

Maybe if Wade shot better than 1-for-8 near the basket the Heat would have been in contention enough to make a push at home, but his 1-for-10 through the first three quarters meant the Heat were again stuck with a large deficit they just couldn’t overcome with the time remaining.

The Spurs are better, we all know that after they’ve dominated the Heat at American Airlines arena in two consecutive games for a chance to close them out on Sunday at home. But the Heat, LeBron James and an under-utilized Chris Bosh (again — he was 4-for-4 in Game 3), should think long and hard about whether one of the greatest off-guards in NBA history will ever be an elite player again.

(GIF via @_MarcusD_)

Will Wade ever return to his all-star form?

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  • Karnov

    Looks like never eating vegetables is finally catching up to him. Poor diet = Wade at 32 in the Finals

  • Hucklebuck

    Even though I am no big fan of him, Bosh needs to be used more to help shoulder the load Wade and James have to carry. Wade is still top 10 in the league, but the guy has played over 100 games each year for the past 4 yrs. Give him a break.

  • Shawn Rakar

    LMFAO, LBJ wants to be the GOAT!
    IF you are the GOAT, why would you need a break? It’s time for LBJ to just admit that he’s good but he don’t have the swagger a GOAT SHOULD have!

  • Hucklebuck

    James, Wade, and Bosh took the Heat to the Finals four straight years. They won half of them. What other team in recent years can say that? Kobe lost 2 finals, Magic lost 4 finals, West lost a few too. Are they not considered GOATS for what they have done even tho they lost in the finals?

    And Lebron gave the Spurs props for being the better team, what more does he have to do? What is the “swagger that a GOAT should have anyway?

  • Shawn Rakar

    Look at Jordan, for now, he’s the ONLY G.O.A.T. in basketball. Nobody has compared to what he did. He 3-peated TWICE!
    This reply is to all the Miami fans that though the Heat was unbeatable before this years Finals that just passed. The Heat has ALWAYS been overrated, it just took this year for that statement to be proven. Miami got lucky when they beat the Spurs the 1st time because of all the Spurs key shots being missed. They made up for that on the rematch. Just saying, LeBron should of just humbled up last season and said ‘we got lucky.”

  • Hucklebuck

    okay, here it is…
    Jordan is ONE of the GOATS. Yes he repeated twice, never lost in the Finals, get all of the solo awards and accolades, and is the standard every player is measured by these days. I’m just throwing it out there that BILL RUSSELL won ELEVEN titles and never lost in the finals, won EIGHT straight.
    No one likes the Heat Big 3 because of their egos, but you can’t take away that they made FOUR finals in FOUR years. That’s over 100 games a year, plus the Olympics and USA basketball practices.
    While that rebound that lead to Allen’s three in Game 6 was luck, the Heat won that series. The Heat were very good the last 4 years. Lebron is still head and shoulders better than the second best player in the league. Who wouldn’t have a little ego when you’re the best player in the league?