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LeBron James Says “We’ll Take 50 Percent In Four Finals Trips”

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade (Bob Donnan- USA TODAY Sports)

From an individual standpoint, LeBron James was incredible in the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, at this point in his career, he’s only judged by championships. In that regard, he failed this season. While LeBron understands the burden and responsibility of being the best player in the world, he’s also okay with winning two titles in four NBA Finals trips with the Heat.

Facing elimination last night, LeBron told his teammates in the pre-game huddle to “follow my lead.” He kept his word as Miami raced out to a 22-6 lead thanks to 17 points from LeBron in the first quarter:

LeBron was ready to lead, but his teammates weren’t up to the task of following him. With little help from his supporting cast, the Spurs shrugged off a jittery start, overwhelming the Heat over the next three quarters on their way to clinching the title.

As transcribed by Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk, LeBron put some perspective on the loss after the game:

“You know, we went to four straight Finals in four years. You know, we’re not discrediting what we were able to accomplish in these four years. We lost one, we won two, and we lost another one. (We’ll) take 50 percent in four years in championships any day. Obviously, you want to win all of them, but that’s just the nature of the game. You win some; you lose some. You’ve just got to come back the next year and be better as an individual, as a team, and go from there.”

People will be quick to criticize LeBron for saying he’s okay with winning just two titles; the greatest player in the world should not be happy about anything unless he’s accepting a championship trophy on the podium. You can have your opinion about LeBron’s personality and approach towards basketball, but also consider this:

Last night, James put up 31 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and two blocks in 41 minutes. In the Finals, he averaged 28.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 4.0 assists and shot 57.1 percent from the field. Before Game 5, LeBron spoke about needing to do more, when in fact, he was already doing quite a bit. The Spurs were simply playing at a very high level, one which few teams in history could have thwarted.

If you’re upset by LeBron’s perspective on winning two titles in four years, that’s completely fine. Just don’t confuse it with LeBron conceding defeat. Let’s also remember how great he was in these Finals, despite getting steamrolled by a superior Spurs squad.

(presser video via YouTube user Top 5)

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  • GaryTBarnes

    In that regard, he failed this season. While LeBron understands the burden and responsibility of being the best player in the world, he’s also okay with winning two titles in four NBA Finals trips with the Heat. http://chilp.it/11ddd5

  • SweetdickWilly

    Well, he does recover quickly from losing and has shown he’s handling it better than how he acted in Cleveland.

  • Jay Hill

    31 points??? the way they where getting blasted and he saw that his team wasn’t helping he should have went for at least 40+ a game. You are supposedly one of the top 5 best players in the history of the NBA find a way to win. And if you lose make people look back and say man he scored 63 points but they still lost. Most people don’t even know the bulls lost to the Celtics on 4-20-86, nor do they even remember that they played Larry Bird that night what they remember is 63 points by Jordan. If you going to go down as one of the best you have to have statement games win or lose. Otherwise you’ll just be another superstar but not a legend.

  • Stelios Magoutis

    It’s a team game. Get your head out of your @ss and understand that. 31 points ( 17 in the first quarter may I add ) is a very good performance for a Finals game. But when Lebron has 31 and the 4 other starters TOGETHER had 32, the blame is easily put where it should be. Lebron did his part. He provided a lead. But the rest did not even show up. Chalmers averaged 3-4 ppg. That’s pathetic. Wade was way too slow and even tired at points, and Bosh had 1 good game ( Game 2 ). The rest don’t even deserve to be mentioned as bad. It’s a team sport. Teams win Titles, not individuals. The Heat, supposedly, have a power trio. Where was it at this finals? Only LeBron showed up. As for the bench? Beasly played 10 games at most all season, and Chalmers kept starting, despite having a truly awful play-off run. My point? Only LeBron wanted and fought for the title this year. Even Spoelstra was bad, as far as game coaching goes, at the Finals ( not that he is a great coach ).

  • DREWDOWN0124

    Lebron is a David Stern creation…Now tht Sterns is gone.We see the real person/player…

  • Vid Guy

    WHAT? that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. What was Jordan , kobe , Shaq, Russel , Bird? Lebron is just that good so he’s a creation of his own . the things yall say on social media

  • Jay Hill

    That’s the point it was ” very good” not mind blowing this ain’t hopscotch. Yes it’s a team game and it always has been. But when you’re trying to become a legend you have to have certain games that out you on that platform. You have to win some games by sheer drive and put a team on your back and put up 60+. Now if you’re just a superstar you can get away with my team didn’t help. But when you put you’re face mt rushmore of the nba. you do not get blown out in the finals and lose 4 games by an avg of 19 pts.

  • D_Shot15

    Everyone wants to focus on what they think Lebron should have done. Jordan scored 63 in double OT and they still lost! The focus is to win a championship not on individual performance. Even MJ realized he’d have to sacrifice individually in order to win. He never had a 60 point playoff game after that. Lebron’s team and coaching staff failed him! Plain and simple…

  • Stelios Magoutis

    I totally agree with you there. Don’t get me wrong. When MJ scored 60+ in double OT, the Bulls still lost the game. Noone can carry 4 straight games alone if the team can’t follow your lead. The Spurs won how? Playing the most team-oriented basketball in recent memory. Noone had mind-blowing performances. But noone stayed and watched either. Everyone gave 100% and played for the team. You can’t beat that individually, you have to beat that as a team. And, also, the persistance of Spoelstra starting the oh-my-freaking-god-awufully-bad Chalmers in a facing-elimination game, ( or even in Games 3 and 4 ) is beyond me. Yes, Parker had a horrible night shooting, but he is Parker, he will get over it, or dish out 10+ assists. Chalmers had 0 points and assists in 15 mins… Even I would have taken him off the floor, 5 mins into the Game.

  • Jay Hill

    I understand what you are saying but at some point it has to be personal. And you have to know if I don’t put up 50 points we don’t have a chance. After the game 4 blowout his mindset should have been 45 or more from here on out. If James had of played the whole game like he played the first quarter the heat would have had a good chance. The bulls were not even supposed to be on the same court as the Celtics but the way Jordan played it made Larry Bird say Jordan was god disguised as MJ. That’s the type of game LJ needs to have in these kind of situations. Statement games…to me 31 points for James is another day on the court it’s about 4points over his avg. Unacceptable facing elimination and embarrassment, and your legacy is one the line. Nothing under 45 if i’m going down i’m going down swinging.

  • Stelios Magoutis

    Got a point there! Anyway, it’s almost certain that, if the big 3 decide to stay, the Heat are looking to 5 consecutive Finals. But the way they have been playing all year, I doubt they will be able to capture that 3rd ring. Rooting for the Bulls myself ( that injury…. if it had not happened, Bulls could have begun to build something. )