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As The NBA Season Winds Down, Anthony Davis Is Already Getting Stronger

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports)

With the NBA Finals set to tip off on Thursday, most players are preparing for their offseason. Usually this means a little rest and relaxation — preferably near a beach. For second-year power forward Anthony Davis, though, it means more time in the gym and in the weight room; Ant has already put on 17 pounds of muscle.

The former Kentucky defensive whiz came into the league at 6-10 and a wiry 220 pounds. According to the Times Picayune‘s Nakia Hogan, he’s already at 237 after hitting the weights early this offseason:

Today, a video was released showing Davis lifting and taking jumpers as he prepares for his third season in the league.

We looked at what a tremendous sophomore campaign Brow had a short while back, and if his offseason regiment is any indication, look for his 2013-14 All-Star berth to be just the beginning.

Davis’ Pellies are tapped out, having traded away their first round pick for Jrue Holiday last summer. They’ve currently got $50 million due their starting five (Davis, Holiday, Ryan Andersen, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon) next season, so there’s little wiggle room if they want to avoid the luxury tax penalties; with cap holds, they’re already over this season’s luxury tax line. If they’re going to have any chance of turning into the playoff team owner Tom Benson expected when he shelled out a big deal for ‘Reke this past offseason, it’ll fall to Davis to fill in the gaps left by the paucity of moves they can afford this summer.

Does New Orleans make the playoffs next year?

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  • http://www.linkedin.com/home?trk=hb_tab_home_top Cody

    Anthony Davis get’s suspended for PEDs… 17 pounds of muscle in a couple weeks?

  • north

    Is it lifting weights if another guy has two hands on the weight and he’s pulling it up?

  • spencer

    The regular season ended in late April.

  • spencer

    Was wondering this, too, but it might just be the spotter helping him get the last reps up to build muscle. I’m hardly an expert though, judging from my decided lack of muscle in comparison to Ant.

  • north

    Just looks odd right… who knows where in the count that was but if you’re shooting the vid why put that lift in when you could put one in unassisted.