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Report: Heat and Raptors Discussing Lowry Trade, Bosh Could Sign In Toronto

Chris Bosh, Kyle Lowry, Norris Cole

Chris Bosh, Kyle Lowry, Norris Cole (John E. Sokolowski, USATODAY Sports)

Maybe the meeting between LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh didn’t go well after all. According to a report, the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors are exploring a trade that would send free agent point guard Kyle Lowry to South Beach and ultimately lead to Bosh returning to Canada.

The news is courtesy of Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher.

It’s imperative to note that these theoretical Lowry and Bosh situations aren’t necessarily connected. Toronto and Miami could complete a Lowry trade, Bosh and his star teammates could take pay-cuts, and the Heat could be stronger than ever. On the flip-side, Bosh could head north of the border and Lowry could stay put or sign with another team. Obviously, these rumored events aren’t mutually exclusive, either.

The smoke about Lowry and Miami that’s been there since February’s trade deadline has only gotten thicker in the last few weeks. The Heat need to shuffle their deck to entice James to re-sign with them, and upgrading at point guard seems a logical solution even though they just acquired prized rookie Shabazz Napier. Plus, Lowry recently expressed his desire to compete for titles in an interview with Basketball Insiders.

“I’m happy with making the playoffs and doing that, but the end game for all players should be a championship and that’s what I want to play for,” Lowry said. “I want to play for a championship.”

Any team with James will be a contender, but Bosh’s importance to Miami can’t be understated. He’s absolutely vital to the Heat’s identity at both ends of the floor, creating hordes of space for LeBron and Wade on offense and functioning as arguably the league’s best pick-and-roll defender on the other end. Would Miami be the championship threat that not only Lowry, but more importantly James, desires if it allowed Bosh to walk in free agency? That seems dubious, and casts doubt on the likelihood of this entire scenario.

This is certainly news to consider, however. Lowry is probably the best free agent point guard on the market, and any hints that the Heat’s Big Three might break up would drastically alter the league’s present and future landscapes. Until this rumor is confirmed by others, though, it’s best to treat it as just more fun offseason fodder.

What do you think?

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  • SweetdickWilly

    Chris Bosh would be nuts to go back to Toronto, even with a huge payday at stake.

  • Mustafizur Hung

    why, he already got his rings. what more does he need in miami, absolutely nothing,

  • 2cents

    I don’t think Toronto really needs him back either. It would stifle JV’S growth and leave a gapping hole at PG. I do think there must be some truth to the rumor of Lowry being on the move, as he was almost traded last year. If so, I just hope they ship him off to the Cavs (along with Ross) and bring Wiggins to Canada.

  • cesar

    why would the cavs want lowry? they already have their PG…

  • KwonGuerillaCross

    Bosh should go back to Toronto, Lebron should go back to Cleveland, and Wade should go back to Marquette.

  • http://www.freewilly.com Peter Doucas

    This is the definition of the term Rumor MIll .. Idiot writers , where do you find your info?

  • top

    Ric Bucher? This dude is wack. Remember in 2010 when he called Bosh and LeBron to the Chicago Bulls as a “done deal”?

  • minakisora

    The article just lost all of its little remaining credibility when the writer said that Bosh is the league’s best pick and roll defender. Where the heck did that come from?

  • 2cents

    I’m a Raptors fan, so it’s wishful thinking.

  • north

    or that Miami desperately needs Bosh… absolutely not. In fact they move the ball better when he’s NOT on the floor.

  • junjunace100

    The chance for more rings

  • Mustafizur Hung

    the way they played against the spurs, i really dont think he can win more with miami,

  • Gutterpunk

    Bosh is despised in Toronto now — they’ll probably deal him asap if they re-acquire him.

  • Gutterpunk

    Bosh is a joke. As Shaq called him, “the RuPaul of NBA big men.”