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Report: Hiring David Blatt Hurts Cleveland’s Chances At LeBron

LeBron James

LeBron James (David Richard- USA TODAY Sports)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are close to an agreement with David Blatt to become their next head coach. According to reports, the hiring will hurt Cleveland’s chances at recruiting LeBron James this summer.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports:

The entire concept of waiting for LeBron to tell them which coach to hire seems desperate especially when you take into account how far-fetched his return to Cleveland really is this summer.

In recent days, the Cavaliers narrowed down their coaching search to Blatt and Tyronn Lue, neither of whom have head coaching experience in the league. So the entire interview process was not catered towards LeBron in the first place, nor should it have been.

It sounds absurd, to wait on hiring a coach because of one single player, but it also speaks volumes about the power LeBron has — or could have — should he choose to become a free agent this summer. While the coaching position is important, in the end, the quality of the roster will be the single biggest deciding factor for LeBron.

The Cavs have intriguing pieces on their team. Despite all the lottery picks they’ve selected since LeBron’s departure, they’re still behind the rebuilding process. Whether it’s Blatt, Lue, or someone else, the players are much more important than who is sitting on the bench.

Besides, if Dan Gilbert really wants a shot at LeBron, he only needs to send him this video and remove this open letter from the team site.

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  • Michael Dumansky

    No one cares and your reporting is absurd, 4 years ago Spolstra was unproven.

  • 2cents

    You beat me to it. Well said.

  • 2cents

    I think Broussard’s comments are to get attention. LeBron won titles with an unproven coach, I think it’s more important LeBron finds a team with a good supporting cast.

    Besides, he ain’t going nowhere.

  • Adi Tani

    Blat came 2 place in olimpic and champion of europ with the russian teem. This is the worse players to ever take this championship. They were 8-10 place on the paper… And with M tel aviv he took the eouroleage with small money and players no onw wanted… They were 6-8 in the gambling games…

  • Tevin

    After reading the open letter the Cavs directed to him. I don’t want him to go back. he gave CLE 7 years of his career losing and losing over again and Dan Gilbert couldn’t bring any support. he deserves better than a pathetic, cowardly, envy written owner. by the way I am from Cleveland so not all of us hate him.

  • Michael Dumansky