Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade
  • 2cents

    LBJ “Do as I say, not as I do”. But I agree being the best player in the world currently should mean he gets paid. More so than Kobe and his ridiculous extension. But on the flip side, if his max contract and team’s sacrifice doesn’t land them another championship, then he can’t look to anyone else as the scape goat.

  • cd3382

    I can’t say that I blame him either. The man does everything for that team and he deserves it too, especially the way Bosh and Wade played through out the finals.

  • Laru Zambo

    Lebron is a shrewd business man. In sports they need more Lebrons, He understands commerce.

  • Al

    Glad Tom Brady doesn’t operate under the Lebron principle… glad Tim Duncan didn’t either…

  • SweetdickWilly

    Agreed. He must be ready to lead the team. He’s putting himself in a Kevin Garnett in Minnesota scenario: He’ll make all the money but will have to live with nobody else willing to be underpaid to come aboard to play with him.

  • Sterling

    Not really, his earnings potential from endorsements is WAY higher than his earnings potential from any contract the heat could offer. If he was a shrewd businessman he would see that he should take less money so that they could have a better supporting cast, helping them win more championships. If he could cement his place with the legends in terms of championships, he would be in a place to be paid like Michael Jordan (who is a billionaire now).

  • realist

    Yea that’s easy to say because we’re not in his position! #DUH if your job came to you and ask you to take less money so that they could hire other guys to help you do your job would you? HELL NO!

  • Karnov

    Wade is probably going to be overpaid. He’s a $8-10 million player at this stage in his career. He looked like the Stay Puff Marshmellow man in the Finals. Moved like it too.

  • Laru Zambo

    Any contract in the United States is based in commerce. Even your birth certificate & driver license. The United States only exist though contracts, it is not a land, its a jurisdiction on the land(America). So the fact that he has contracts with people outside of sports(endorsements) solidifies my point. The bottom line is he doesn’t have to take a pay cut to play for a team on the decline. He has more options than any athlete in team sport history.

  • Laru Zambo

    exactly. that wouldnt be shrewd at all nor good business.

  • realist

    100% agree!

  • common sense

    d wade on his knees, saying pretttty preeety please