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Report: ‘Melo Plans To Opt Out Even After Meeting With Phil Jackson & Derek Fisher

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

While Phil Jackson has repeatedly asked Carmelo Anthony to opt in next year with the Knicks, Anthony has been adamant throughout the year he’d like the wooing which comes along with a free agency courtship — the first of his 10-year career. That’s why the Thursday night meeting between Jackson, ‘Melo and new coach Derek Fisher did little to convince Anthony to opt in.

Per Frank Isola of the New York Daily News comes word of the meeting between Anthony and agent, Leon Rose, Jackson, Fish and former Knicks GM Steve Mills:

Barring a dramatic change of heart, Anthony will opt out of his contract on July 1 and become an unrestricted free agent, the Daily News has learned.


Anthony and his agent, Leon Rose, reportedly met on Thursday with Jackson, new coach Derek Fisher and general manager Steve Mills. Assuming Anthony opts out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the All-Star forward won’t re-sign with the Knicks, especially when the club can offer him the most money. But even Jackson recently admitted he is concerned about losing Anthony to free agency because it “only takes one” team. That one team could be the Heat.

We’ve already mentioned the possibility the Heat somehow sign Anthony this summer if Miami’s all-star triumvirate all opt out to re-sign at a drastically reduced rate to make way for ‘Melo.

It’s also worth pointing out — for about the billionth time, since NBA people have been talking about ‘Melo’s free agency all year — Anthony stands to make $33 million more if he opts out and then re-signs with the Knicks for the maximum contract over five years.

‘Melo has admitted he’d possibly take less than a max deal in an effort to help the Knicks win, something Phil Jackson is keen about even if he’s “definitely concerned” about Melo’s free agency because “it only takes one bidder.”

But ‘Melo wants to explore his options, like whatever Miami might offer, and the continued fascination with Chicago after a purportedly season-long effort by Joakim Noah to lure him to the Bulls.

Anthony has until June 23 to tell the Knicks of his plans, which is just 10 days from now. We don’t envision him changing his free agency plans before that time, so the Knicks will just have to let him peruse what else is out there if they want to re-sign him this summer.

(New York Daily News)

For the umpteenth time: where does ‘Melo land

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  • 2cents

    Let it be known I am not a fan of the Knicks, however like all NBA fans, I understand the importance of this organisation ot the league. I still would like to see this team return to even the glory days of the Ewing lead Knicks.

    So with that said, I want the cancer, otherwise known as ‘Melo to be out as soon as possible. Considering he is an NYC native, it should be an honour for him to play for his home town team and be making it clear he wants to stay and will do what ever he can to help make the team relevant by taking a paycut to stay.

    Seeing as he isn’t doing this, it’s clear he is looking after himself first, which is what he did when he ripped apart a good thing the Knicks had going when they traded for him.

    He might be the greatest mid range jump scorer in the game at the moment, but I’d say the team would be better off just starting again and building around players who WANT to play at the Mecca.

  • http://www.naskaras.com/ Thanassi Karageorgiou

    Amen brother.

  • Shawn Rakar

    I hope Noah’s efforts weren’t in vain.

    Melo shouldn’t go to Miami, anyways.
    Miami needs a talented POINT GUARD, not a Foward!!!!!