LeBron James, Rajon Rondo
  • joe

    Rondo has a point, teams before are different from teams right now. Others are improving and maturing while the Heat remains the same. Durant, George, Leonard before are different from what they are now.

  • ED Mangila

    Rondo or the Celtics are Irrelevant in the NBA landscape. Boston will be bottom feeder in the east for a very long time. Rondo will have hard time recruiting other good players because he is nothing more than an onetime overachieving “B” type NBA player. It would be decades before they ever sniff a playoffs again and that is just what that ugly city deserves.

  • shutyourmouthjabroni

    You’re a dumbass

  • shutyourmouthjabroni

    Not a Celtics fan but the ignorance you just showed in your post proves to me you more than likely a little kid and or a very unintelligent adult. Have fun being a bandwagon heat fan and when leflop leaves “Heat nation” so will you and all bandwagon fans and Miami will go back to not winning championships for another 50 years.

  • rustedramblings

    The East is miserably bad the last couple years. LeBron’s Cavs (who also repeatedly finished the season with the League’s best record) could have easily made the Finals these last couple years, as well. Considering the Heat were VERY fortunate to win last year, is his situation really THAT much better in Miami than it was in Cleveland now? He’s once again carrying the team with a coach who really has no offensive game plan to speak of. Bosh is still a nice piece and Wade may a a little (understatement) gas left, but I don’t LBJ really being that much better off than he was before The Decision. Pat Riley may be the X-factor, but if James is really chasing rings, he has to be realistic about that team. Because in today’s Eastern Conference, LeBron is taking maybe 8 different teams to the Finals every year on his broad shoulders alone.

  • Krystal Wilson

    Rondo is the man, wish he were on my Pistons.

  • Ken Olshein

    Rondo should know he witnessed the Celtics go from the penthouse to the outhouse

  • BallPlayer1000

    Rondo was on point