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Watch Andre Drummond Block Draymond Green’s Dunk At Team USA Practice

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond (photo. NBA Instagram)

Draymond Green has worked tirelessly since his portly days at Michigan State to improve his body and athleticism, emerging as one of the league’s most versatile defenders in the process. He even developed into a sometime highlight reel finisher last season. Green’s rare physical transformation notwithstanding, though, he’ll likely never be ready to challenge Andre Drummond at the mountain top.

Team USA opened training camp for the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Las Vegas today. With the sudden absences of Blake Griffin and Kevin Love, the 20 year-old Drummond stands a better chance to make the national team than most anticipated just last week. And if he protects the rim throughout camp like he did against Green – a member of the Select Team brought into scrimmage the senior candidates – it will be tough for coach Mike Krzyzewski to leave Drummond at home when Team USA travels to Spain later this month.

Drummond ranked seventh in the league last season by blocking 131 shots, a feat especially impressive considering his below-average defensive awareness; his swats were owed to an unmatched combination of size and athleticism as opposed to knack and positioning, basically. Team USA already has an elite rim-protector in Anthony Davis, but Drummond’s strength is an advantage that can’t be discounted when considering his candidacy.

Drummond is far from a finished product, and is less developed offensively than any other player being considered for the World Cup roster. The sheer physical prowess on display in his epic block on Green, though, surely makes him an intriguing option for Coach K.

(Video via NBA)

Will Drummond make Team USA?

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  • Onaje

    It is also hard to exhibit defensive awareness as a young player when the roster around you is equally if not even more inept…Your Vet Josh Smith is STILL learning who to play smart basketball…

    Drummond with SVG will see marked improvement or get really tired of Stan’s voice real fast…Hopefully SVG took stock of who he was ousted in his last two stops and approaches this run with more balance…Pistons should be a playoff team to me…depending on what they do with the Smith and Monroe situations

  • nikol kidman

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