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This Carmelo Mixtape Will Make You Believe In The New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (Joe Camporeale, USATODAY)

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most talented yet divisive stars in the NBA. Supporters point to his seemingly limitless shed of individual scoring tools and detractors counter with his well-established track record of playoff failures, and the discourse goes round, round, and round again. When Anthony recently agreed to a five-year, approximately $122 million contract that made him the Knicks cornerstone for the foreseeable future, frequency and intensity of that same argument only increased. Once Carmelo’s critics watch this latest mixtape, though, they’ll surely agree that New York has a better chance to win trophies with Anthony in the fold than otherwise.

The Knicks have a long, long way to go before being considered contenders. But they already took step one of the arduous walk to legitimacy by securing a player of Anthony’s talents for the long-haul. And with a presence like Phil Jackson shepherding New York into the future, perhaps Carmelo will eventually and finally have a supporting cast around him that’s championship-worthy.

And if that’s the case, don’t be surprised when the Knicks surge into contention – we firmly believe that Anthony is good enough to bring a title back to New York.

(Video via YouTube user thee6atman)

Can the Knicks build a champion around Anthony?

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  • north

    if only Melo played defence consistently, when his heart is set on it he’s so good. I know he’ll probably dunk from half court before he plays 82 games on both ends but just imagine.

  • Demario Herrod

    Hell naw

  • Demario Herrod

    Who wants too go too new york and play with them no stars but the the stars wanna play against them and beat them and show they great performance there.

  • LKB

    North is right. Until he consistently is a playing both ends he is overpriced. he can shut the best in the world down, but he doesn’t. I was hoping the Lake-show would find a way because when he played with Kobe in international ball he was a monster. I think he needs a mate that motivates him, but still lets him have the majority of isos .

  • wayne

    Yes…playing defense would certainly translate into a ring for him SOONER rather than later

  • wayne

    No…he should share the ball more and play defense. With the triangle offense, the ball can never be STUCK in ANYONE’S hands for too long. And DEFENSE is an absolute MUST if a team is going to move forward and improve towards a CHAMPIONSHIP

  • EJ Belton

    Um, this isn’t a mixtape. It isn’t a mixsong. It is a highlight reel set to music.

  • Jueceman

    Give Melo a team he can believe in and he’ll play championship ball. Just two years ago melo won 54 games with JR playing well then JR got hurt. People always forget that Melo has to play with 5 oher guys too. Is it Melo’s fault that Felton got torched by avg PGs last year??? Is it Melo’s fault that JR is a knucklehead and inconsistent? Is it Melo’s fault that Shump is overrated on defense and hasn’t found his offense yet?? Let not even talk about Amare’s knees, Kmarts ankles and Bargnani’s elbow. Didn’t Melo lose Copleand & Novak because of the previous GM???? All these issues ignored, none of these obstacles compare to what Lebron and Durant have to go through, nobody talks about how stacked the Clippers and Pacers are yet they don’t win a chip. Melo is a monster player and if he gets the right team around him he will surely compete for a chip