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Cavs Trade Carrick Felix, Paving Way For Love Deal

Carrick Felix, Anthony Bennett

Carrick Felix, Anthony Bennett (David Richard- USA TODAY Sports)

Last night, Cleveland traded Carrick Felix, a 2015 second-round pick and cash considerations to the Utah Jazz in exchange for John Lucas III, Malcolm Thomas and Erik Murphy. The actual players changing teams in the deal aren’t that significant, it’s the non-guaranteed nature of their contracts that clears the way for a possible Kevin Love trade.

All three players going to the Cavs in this deal aren’t owed any money next season, which means the Cavaliers could include their salaries in any potential Love deal and allow Minnesota to send additional salary back to Cleveland. The ‘Wolves would turn around and waive the players to acquire salary cap relief.

As of yesterday, trade talks between Cleveland and Minnesota appear to be held up over the inclusion of future picks. Another wrinkle to this saga is Andrew Wiggins, who has yet to sign his rookie contract. When he does — which appears imminent — the Cavs will not be able to include him in any trade for 30 days, which would give the ‘Wolves an awful lot of time to weigh offers from Golden State and Chicago. Then again, the No. 1 pick this summer can be promised in a trade with Minnesota, much like the deals struck during the July moratorium, and they don’t have to sign off on it for another 30 days. Basically, Wiggins’ contract status doesn’t hold up the trade talks for Love.

Even if the ‘Wolves receive Wiggins and Anthony Bennett along with draft picks for Love, you can expect them to try and offload some unwanted salaries, which is why the non-guaranteed contracts play a role here. One player the ‘Wolves might want to trade would be Kevin Martin, who is owed $7.1 million next season and $7.4 million in 2015-16.

The trade talks between the two sides appear to be getting serious. At this point, the Cavs appear to be all-in on making a deal for Love no matter the cost. On the ‘Wolves side, it appears — judging from the fact no deal has been agreed upon — they are still trying to get more out of the trade, whether it’s acquiring more picks from Cleveland, or in the form of cap relief.

Both sides are moving closer to a deal every day, but Wiggins’ possible future in Cleveland looks bleak after the Felix trade for the non-guaranteed salaries.

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  • Onaje

    So Cavs are going to trade away all of their athleticism and potential versatility defensively to get Love? I just don’t get the reach…never have. Make a play for Monroe…see how Wiggins and Bennett look this year…develop young talent. They aren’t that far away for contributing…I bet you could get 25 and 15 from the two of them this year as well as the defensive versatility and the incredible fast break opportunities they would present. They can get Thad Young make a play for Monroe and tempt Ray Allen to join.

    Drawing a blank on why they needed to trade Tyler Zeller…their team is in need of solid Bigs. For backup PGs that an shoot and help…Jameer Nelson is still out there if they want to go younger there are plenty, but I’d suggest Maalik Wayans

  • bill_johnson1

    Disappointed in the CAVS. They get number one pick on a fluke draw, get us all excited, hold two draft night parties, extol mr. wiggins virtures, show us how wonderfully he plays and then what …… trade him away …… bad more CAVS, very bad move. Go ahead and disrespect the fans. You’ll not see me buying tickets.

  • fritz

    wiggins and bennet are potential allstars and cavs future players.. but cavs should also think that lbj is already 29 (wiggins 19).. if they are thinking of becoming champions then aquiring love will give them higher chance.. lbj is todays greatest player and he is not getting any younger, lbj cant w8 for wiggins prime and if that comes then lbj is not as great as he used to be, he would be like todays kobe prone to injury and not sure to return 100% as competitive as used to be.. and also, we are not all sure that wiggins/bennet would stay and are the answer to give them the long awaited larry o’brien trophy.. In my opinion cavs must let go of their “future stars” <- (hopefully) and must get love (25yrs old, double2x player pts/reb, proven allstar) if they want to be champions..