Video / Jul 27, 2014 / 12:00 pm

Class Of 2015 Star Dunks From Behind Free Throw Line In Epic Dunk Contest

Shelby McEwen

Dunk contests just don’t get much better than this. At the Jordan Brand First To Fly Dunk Contest in Las Vegas on Friday night, a group of professional dunkers and class of 2015 stars put on an exhibition close to unlike any we’ve ever seen. And who had the most impressive slam of a field featuring Guy Dupuy, Kwame Alexander, Young Hollywood, Kwe Parker, and more? Little-known rising senior Shelby McEwen.

Alexander and Parker perform some of our favorite dunks in the video below, but it’s McEwen’s incredible slam from behind the free throw line that amazes most.

Yeah. We’ll need another look at McEwen’s jam.

Even the legendary “free throw line” dunks performed by players like Julius Erving and Michael Jordan deserve an asterisk – Dr. J. and His Airness leapt from inside the charity stripe despite conventional wisdom suggesting otherwise. That doesn’t make their signature slams any less impressive, but certainly makes McEwen’s even more so.

Even if college hoops aren’t in McEwen’s future, the Oxford, MS native can surely forge a basketball career out of dunks like this one. We look forward to watching him try and top it in coming years.

What do you think of McEwen’s dunk?

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  • 2cents

    The hops on the kids these days is just crazy. Thanx for finding this video and sharing.

  • alwalker

    Dribbling… Or nah?

  • frankstank

    You know what’s better than jumping really high? Going to an Ivy League school and getting a great job.

  • Verick Cornett

    Who invited Bow Wow?

  • 2cents

    Says the short man who cannot jump.

  • frankstank

    I’m 6’5” and I’ll take my intelligence and great education over jumping.

  • 2cents

    So what value are you trying to add to this forum?

  • dfa

    sounds more like your 6’5″ and envious enough to need to validate yourself on an online forum