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DeMar DeRozan Hones His Handle At Wal-Mart

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan (photo. DeMar DeRozan instagram)

Basketball never stops in the NBA. The draft and free agency combine to make the scheduled offseason seem like anything but, and players have summer commitments to national teams, pro-ams, camps, endorsers, and more in addition to needing rest before the grind begins again in the fall. That can leave little time for individual training, and DeMar DeRozan is making sure he gets his work in whenever he can.

The 2014 All-Star was at Wal-Mart last night when he saw the opportunity for some impromptu ballhandling drills and took advantage. DeRozan even tagged his trainer in the caption.

Caution jacket: Late night HandleLife Walmart… @dribble2much lol

We’re not sure if the caution jacket is being worn to serve its main purpose as warning to other patrons that a 6-7 man is honing his handle in Wal-mart, or if it’s a simple fashion statement. Regardless, DeRozan’s drive to grow his game is certainly impressive.

To be honest, though, his dribble looks a little high and loose here. Let’s hope his trainer corrects that posthaste.

What do you think?

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  • NY CHRI$$$ ????????????????????????????????????

    Fuck this nigga

  • manuel

    how many takes did he do while dribbling a dodgeball around the store?? Use a real basketball fake ass player, any clown can play around any superstore. What next…dunking on a kid’s basketball court at Toys r us showing us he got skills. FUCK THAT! im not impressed.

  • Jalen

    While your here bitching this allstar is making millions ????????????????

  • manuel

    first of all, this is not bitching its my opinion of the video he made. second, he dont make millions. barley makes rent and enough to pay off the car. third, ive seen better talent in people playing on the streets than a superstore.

  • Drew

    Dudes salary is 10.5 million… Dude does make millions…

  • Drew

    But the dribble is petty… Carrying the ball n shit

  • Ddrizzle

    Just want to make it clear that he obviously did this as a joke. It was at 2 am, he wasn’t balling hard. Just messing around. The overall point of this video and this story, is that DeRozan has been spending a lot of time working on his dribble. He doesn’t even stop practising when he’s shopping.

    He is making a lot of money. Also the ball he is using is actually much more difficult to dribble than a basketball.

  • The biggie

    This just a little boy playing in the toy section of walmart whats the big deal.

  • Rapfan2

    Love Demar’s work ethic. Looking forward to seeing your new handle dude! Very funny video. Can’t believe you kept a straight face on. Great sense of humor. Had a great laugh.

  • Klas

    With all that hate you would swear he raped you’re first born.