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Dwyane Wade: “LeBron Made The Right Decision”

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade (Howard Smith, USATODAY Sports)

Perhaps chief among the many reasons it was broadly assumed that LeBron James would re-sign with the Miami Heat this summer was because of his relationship with Dwyane Wade. And though the superstar friends will no longer be teammates, Wade made clear in a statement that he holds no ill-will towards James.

As a friend and teammate, I am sad to see my brother LeBron leave to begin a new journey. In 2010, we decided to come together all for one goal – to win championships and we succeeded. We were friends when we first joined the league and created an unbreakable bond over the past four years. Our collaboration will always be very special to me both personally and professionally. We shared something unique and he will always be part of my family. LeBron made the right decision for himself and his family because home is where your heart is. I know this was not an easy decision to make and I support him in returning to his roots. As an organization, a community, and as individuals, we achieved the goals we set when we first signed on together. We are champions.

Pat Riley offered similar sentiments in a statement of his own, agreeing that “no one can fault another person for wanting to return home” and calling James “a fantastic leader, athlete, teammate, and person…”

Even Heat owner Mickey Arison got in on the somber love-fest.

LeBron unexpectedly spurned Miami just like he did the Cleveland Cavaliers four years ago, but the responses from the organizations he left couldn’t be more disparate. Whether that says more about the culture of the Heat and Cavs or the growth of James individually, he obviously made an incredible impression on the Miami franchise.

Kudos to Wade, Riley, Arison, and the rest for maintaining such grace and perspective despite LeBron’s choice.

(Statement via the AP’s Tim Reynolds)

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  • 2cents

    Agreed that Wade’s response is awesome. I’m sure, privately, he expresses other emotions, but well done on being the consumate professional. Now if only he could try being that professional on the court…

  • JJ5306

    I feel that they discussed it a lot and Wade encouraged him to do what was BEST for his family. They flew to Miami TOGETHER to tell The Heat management of his final decision. That says that everything he sais was from the heart!

  • Monica Fiveoeight Mahan

    Folk cried about “the way” he left 4 yrs ago. What if there wasn’t all the hoopla; the big “Decision”? What if he had simply said, “I’m going to Miami. Thanks for a great 7 years in which I gained my professional experience and honed my skills. I am eternally grateful and will come home again once I’ve experienced play somewhere else.” Would that have changed the reaction of the fans and Dan Gilbert?? Hell no!!! Look at what’s happening in Miami now… Same shit; different city!!! When the greatest player in the game today decides to take his talents elsewhere, folk gonna be pissed no matter what!!! I say if you’re a fan, you’re a fan no matter what team. Those folk still pissed about 4 years ago and now about the latest move by the King need to be more understanding of the dynamic of the man and the game… #ILOVETHENBA!!!

  • Patricia Morris

    I appreciate the wisdom of LeBron in writing his essay. He wanted his words, his heart, to be known. He was correct in deciding not to allow any interruptions to his words by publicly speaking, or for any sound bite to define him. I admire him and believe that he is an incredible and talented man.

  • EJhey Nepomuceno

    I definitely respect Lebron for deciding to come back home where he really belongs. I have to admit that I was one of those people who supported him while he was a Cavalier in the early part of his career, who was so disappointed about his decision in taking his talents to South Beach. However, I came to think about it somehow and realize that what he did was not only for his own good but also for Cleveland’s benefit. Yes, he wanted to win championships elsewhere, but being able to experience it honed him well as a leader and the Cavaliers will certainly be able to go the distance because of it. I never followed him and cheered for him when he moved to Miami because for me, he will always be a Cavalier no matter where he goes. However, I have never gone to the extent of insulting him every single moment on the Internet nor supporting any act of degrading his personality, although I can’t blame the people who did it for they were really disappointed of him leaving. On the other hand, regardless of what the people in Cleveland has done to blemish his reputation, he still decided to come back and set aside the dark past between him and his detractors. And that made me respect him a lot more than before. To the people in Miami who try to act as if they were deserted or something, come to think of it, he gave you two more NBA Championships and four more Eastern Conference Championships. Have you immediately forgotten those? His decision to come back home was quite frankly a good move to redeem himself and actually, none of us has the right to say anything about it. Respect the KING. Nuff said… :)