Josh Smith, Greg Monroe
  • SweetdickWilly

    Josh is likely out of there since the Pistons are trying to reboot after Dumars’ tenure. I still think that they should make moving Brandon Jennings a priority over moving Josh since he’s essentially the best player on the roster even though he isn’t the smartest shooter around.

  • Jerry Ward

    The Pistains just suck.They let joe dumbass run them into the ground!!!!

  • Moonie313

    They also let Dumars run them into not only the E.C. Finals but THE Finals, not to mention a title! Sure some of his decisions near the end were terrible, hell, even early on when we drafted Darko so he does deserve SOME credit

  • Keith Richards

    Trade Monroe and Smith.

  • SweetdickWilly

    The only reason Darko didn’t work out was because the Pistons chose to bury him and then blame & blast him for their choices. He did play decently for other teams but by then he got stuck with the label that he got from his time on the Pistons. Had he gotten decent time, he’d have at least been a serviceable role player.