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Jeremy Lin On Lakers Trade: “I Just Want To Be Myself”

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin (Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports)

The Lakers introduced Jeremy Lin at a press conference on Thursday. He spoke about Kobe Bryant and was asked about the Linsanity era in New York.

It’s almost August, and the Lakers roster is pretty much set for next season. Despite this, they’re still without a head coach. The team interviewed Byron Scott several times already, and Kobe himself has endorsed Scott publicly, but no hiring has been made. Because no coach has been hired, it led to some hilarious captions from Lin’s press conference yesterday:

Lin revealed to Mike Bresnahan of The Los Angeles Times, that he’s already spoken with Kobe Bryant, and he’s set for the challenge any teammate of Mamba’s is likely to face:

“The one thing he’s kind of just told me is we have a lot of work to do,” Lin said. “And I think that’s 100% accurate.”

Steve Nash is going to give it another shot next season to see if he can play, although with his injury concerns and age, it’s hard to envision him playing the entire regular season schedule. The Lakers recently waived Kendall Marshall, so there will be opportunities for Lin to play heavy minutes.

He’s ready, but he also wants to just get past the talk of recreating Linsanity already:

“I’m not trying to relive that banner season and I think that’s been a big weight off my shoulder. I’m not trying to recreate a ‘Linsanity,’ ” he said. “I’m not trying to be that phenomenon that happened in New York. I just want to be myself more than ever.”

Lin was considered a disappointment in his two seasons in Houston. A lot of that had to do with the fact that he didn’t build on the momentum of Linsanity, which is unfair given how out of this world his performance was with the Knicks.

Also, things were not all bad in Houston. In his first season with the Rockets, he started all 82 games and averaged 13.4 points and 6.1 assists. Last season, he lost the starting point guard job to Patrick Beverley, but still averaged 12.5 points in 28.9 minutes of play. He also shot a career high 35.8 percent from downtown.

Lin doesn’t play like a traditional point guard, and needs the ball in his hands on offense to create. There might be an adjustment period assuming Kobe returns healthy and remains a high usage player.

But with Nash’s health a huge question mark, Lin will be counted on as a secondary scorer on this team, something he’s proven capable of handling. Kobe’s relationships with point guards have been uneven in the past. He has a lifetime bond with Derek Fisher, but also soured on Smush Parker and Ramon Sessions. It remains to be seen how Kobe will get along with Lin.

The Lakers and head coach Mike D’Antoni parted ways this off-season. It would have been interesting if Lin and D’Antoni had been able to reunite. Despite the absence of his old coach, as Lin says, maybe it’s better to just move on from Linsanity at this point.

What do you think?

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  • R.J

    Linsanity drops 20-30 pts and 8-12 ast along with 2 or 3 stls. How can you not be Linsanity. If not he just average player. That’s something LA fans don’t wanna hear. To me he just saying he don’t have high expectations to be the player they compare to all the Great PGs too with stats during his big playing time in NY as Linsanity. Now he gonna just be the nobody PG in the Lakers like he was the nobody in Houston. There goes a his career down the drain. He got too use to the Houston role I guess.

  • winestorm

    Awful grammar.

  • darren

    his grammar was trash but he’s very articulate, what part did you not get? stop being a nazi, we’re here because we understand balling and team management, not because of english lol; I’m chinese, should I shut the fuck up about jeremy lin’s decision too because eng isn’t my first language?

    fuck outta here racist…

  • Little Putanatang

    U r an idiot. Read between the lines, he stated he wanted to move on from linsanity and make history again. Which means he wants to be better than during linsanity. Ofcourse an idiot like you wouldnt know what being humble and not an egomaniac is. You are after all a stupid spoiled brat that cant see past anything but what other people feed you.

  • Stradio

    Seriously, how do you get racism from “Awful grammar”? How? How?!

  • darren

    people from non english speaking countries won’t have perfect grammar, if you hold it against him then u’re racist

  • Lakers Fan

    If you guys compare Steve Nash stats from age 22 to 25 to Jeremy Lin’s stats age 22 to 25 you’d be impressed to how similar they are.

    Nash didn’t start coming to his own until he was 26, Lin will get a fresh start with a new team that needs a long term PG with potential.
    I don’t think Lin will have a Nash type career, but if he gives great production then he’ll be more than welcomed.

  • Stradio

    doesn’t change the fact that he was making a simple observation. He might be racist, and he might not be, but him saying “awful grammar” in reply to a post that has pretty bad grammar is in no way telling of this. You are the one bringing racism into this, not him.