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Kobe On Seattle: “I’d Much Rather Come Here In The Postseason Than Oklahoma”

Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher

Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher (Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

During Kobe Bryant‘s whirlwind tour of Seattle for Richard Sherman‘s celebrity softball game — where he he hit a home run — and the Jamal Crawford Summer Pro Am — where Crawford introduced him as “this generation’s Michael Jordan,” Kobe also found time to stick it to Oklahoma City.

Kobe hadn’t been back in Seattle since before owner Clay Bennett moved the Seattle Supersonics from Seattle to Oklahoma City and changed their name to the Thunder. Kobe, certainly aware of where he was at the moment, even provided Seattle fans with a minor dig at Oklahoma City:

“I’ve always enjoyed coming here. I’d much rather come here in the postseason than Oklahoma,” Bryant said.

Kobe’s Lakers team has only traveled to Oklahoma City twice for the playoffs. His Lakers defeated Kevin Durant and a young Thunder squad 4-2 during their best-of-seven first-round series win in 2010. Those Lakers went on to capture their second consecutive title and Kobe’s fifth.

But KD and company got retribution for that early first-round loss, beating the Lakers 4-1 in the Western Conference Semifinals before OKC went all the way to a Finals berth in 2012. Despite losing in Oklahoma City two years later, Kobe was 18-for-33 from the field for 42 points in OKC’s series-clinching Game 5 win.

So it’s not like Kobe can’t produce in Oklahoma, he just prefers going to Seattle for playoff games. Plus, Kobe knows it’s a travesty there’s no professional basketball in Seattle, and comments like this have to make Seattle denizens feel good, even if it doesn’t change their current predicament. Hedge fund manager Chris Hansen is working his best to change that.

(video via NBA Daily, H/T Oklahoman)

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  • patrick

    Kobe doesn’t have to worry about going anywhere but his couch for the off season

  • Linkdeville

    Sure…the same couch he polishes his 5 rings and counts his riches on.

  • Linkdeville

    Kobe is right. Seattle is more attractive than OKC. There is more to do, more to see, and just a tranquil location with all the waterways. Of course there are the bad things, but what city doesn’t have those? Seattle is definitely a more sovereign place.

  • patrick

    They are dusty! True that!

  • patrick

    Im an OKC fan from Seattle. He is right, but should get over himself

  • Linkdeville

    Lol…but I’ll bet money former players like Karl Malone wishes he had just one.

  • Linkdeville

    How so? He has a legacy and arguably one of the greatest to ever do it. His voice matters whether people want it to or not. Besides, you (especially) should be grateful for someone of Kobe’s stature to re-open talks of a NBA franchise in Seattle. The folk in OKC sure could care less. They won’t even acknowledge your ’79 championship on next year’s jerseys. Advice…learn to place your loyalty Sir. Kobe is on your side…not against the people of Seattle.

  • patrick

    I do want Clay Bennett to have an ae anvil fall on his head. Its hard not to be a Thunder fan after watching them make that young core of players in Seattle. Im torn between resentment and being a faithful franchise fan for sure.

  • Franklyn Lee

    I couldn’t have worded it any better. Great job

  • patrick

    I will be going to the JayZ concert in Seattle after having a amazing dinner on the waterfront and going to the Herb shop for my favorite buds. You sure can’t do that in OKC. All you can do in OKC is goto a halfarse restaurant surrounded by farmland and uneducated bigots. Far cry from the culture in Seattle. Kobe must have got a taste of those herbs!

  • Linkdeville

    I get it, but really man…I read this as Kobe’s way of politicking for you guys to get another team. I don’t like how OKC tries to make it appear as though that team WAS NOT formed in Seattle. You guys have a heck ova city and deserve to have a squad.

  • Linkdeville

    Thanks cat.

  • Linkdeville

    Ok. I will freely admit I am crossed between hatin and agreeing…lol. Enjoy yourself Pat. Man I wish I were there to do the same. NEWSFLASH…so do the folk in OKC…Lol Man, the hate is really starting to fester in me…lol. But seriously did I mention how I wish I were there? Ok…enough said…I think?

  • Winner

    OKC is a better city because it has an NBA franchise.

  • patrick

    Sounds like Oklahoma reasoning to me. Smh

  • Cappy Love

    No Oklahoma is NOT Seattle and it’s unfortunate you have to classify the people from Oklahoma as uneducated. Being an Oklahoman myself who has had the opportunity to live in England, travel throughout Europe and to Australia, I find most of us American’s aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed from a global perspective. Either way, I won’t slander you or the people of Seattle because I’m above that. Normally the uneducated have to resort to name calling.

  • Stephen Elliott

    First off, the only young talent that Seattle had before going to OKC was Kevin Durant and Jeff Green. All the other pieces, like Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Serge Ibaka, Reggie Jackson etc, that were combined to the roster are post-Seattle. So don’t think that you had a “FORMED” team when the squad was moved to OKC.

    On another note, I think it would be awesome if Seattle got another team. Could you imagine the Thunder and the new Seattle team going toe to toe?!? Ratings please…

  • Martin Nawrot

    Westbrook was drafted as a sonic, just sayin

  • marcus mc

    Kobe’s comments would’ve actually meant something if it were 4 or 5 years ago when he was still relevant. Dont mean much now comin from a has been.

  • marcus mc

    EVERY state has rednecks & farmland & cows & whatever u wanna classify as a hillbilly state. Trust me ive seen it. From California to New York. & yes even Washington state. Besides you got the Seahawks. Quit whining.

  • Matthew Hutchinson

    I can understand the bitterness between Seattle (as a city) and Clay Bennet as an owner. However the facts are the facts, If Seattle loved the supersonics so much how come they didn’t build a new arena? How come tickets sales were slumping? Seems to me a lot of these sonics fans realized what they had a little too late. If its such a great place for an NBA franchise then one will come along and you can name them the Supersonics and life will be just A okay. Talking about the citizens of Oklahoma like they had anything to do with moving the team here is wrong and you are calling us bigots? At the end of the day this is a game and name calling is a bit childish. No one in Oklahoma spends their time discussing Seattle. afterall its just a bunch of tree huggin hippies up there anyways right? See how ridiculous that kind of talk is.

  • patrick

    Ibaka draft pick was also picked up by sign and trade for Rashard Lewis. Franchise history. Is something alot of OKC fans do not know.

  • joe

    Seattle isn’t anything special, who wants rain 250 days a year. As far as the sonics go keep their history,we’ll have more than 1 championship to commemorate in 25 yrs

  • Linkdeville

    I hear your argument Steve, but let’s put a tad bit more thought into this Sir. Moving the team to OKC is not what acquired the additional talent you mentioned. The draft and trade system did.