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Kobe Bryant Still Has Mesmerizing Footwork

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant (photo. kb24fans instagram)

We’re not long for Kobe Bryant’s basketball life, a reality that’s become far too comfortable given achilles and knee injuries that have forced him to miss all but six games of last season. So despite assurances that Bryant is fully healthy as 2014-2015 approaches, it’s still heartening to see flashes of the unmatched skill that’s made him so dominant throughout his legendary career. On the Nike RISE campaign in China, Kobe showed off the typically mesmerizing footwork we’ve so missed the last 15 months.

Yup, the Black Mamba’s still got it.

Here’s more of Bryant’s one-on-one action from China.

Can’t wait to see you do this stuff for the purple and gold again, Kobe.

(Instagram via kb24fans) (Video via Kobe Team)

Can Kobe lead the Lakers to playoff contention in 2014-2015?

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  • Keith Piamonte

    He’s not as good as he use to be. Maybe because of age? He’s slow compared to what he used to be, but it’s just a show. I hope this is not what he will be when NBA season comes

  • allencooper985

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  • allencooper985


  • Howl

    Hes obviously not going 100% you scrub. probably only like 30%

  • AoMProContent .

    It’s always some clown on the internet who couldn’t hit an elephant in the ass with a shotgun, complaining about something.

  • adrian

    Your so retarded for even thinking for one moment he was playing with any effort

  • David

    Besides the fact he has some little tiny quick guys guarding him…

  • ygkobe

    Kobe still in his old age averages what these “superstars” today get praised for .. only he does it with a body full of injuries. . So in what way is any player better? Nobody can stop him .. he shuts down everyone.. especially Lebron..

  • Jermaine

    He’s just horsing around, but still putting on a display of moves. He’s a killer even when he’s just having fun…. He’s not even at 30% lol

  • Keith Piamonte

    I don’t know for you guys but what’s with the hate. I did say it’s just a show. Chill bro’s it just an insight. Please read the whole thing before the hates