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NBA Store Has Sold Out Of LeBron Jerseys

LeBron James No. 6 or No. 23

LeBron James (photo. Instagram)

LeBron James doesn’t even know what number he will wear for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that hasn’t stopped fans from buying his jersey in droves. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the NBA Store has sold out of replica home, road, and alternate Cavaliers uniforms that bear LeBron’s name.

Spurred by his return to Cleveland, James’ Q rating has never been higher. He was recently named America’s most popular athlete by Harris Poll for the first time in his career after dropping outside the poll’s top 10 four years ago after he left the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.

The little doubt that existed upon James’ announcement that Clevelanders wouldn’t warm to The King has obviously vanished entirely. The people of northeast Ohio clearly love LeBron almost as much he loves them.

Do you want a LeBron Cavs jersey?

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  • Brandon Rule

    Guess the Miami heat fans have arrived.

  • brad

    He will be the greatest overall ball player after he’s done.

  • Nolan Hughes

    Yeah, it’s not like people can simply be fans of a great player.
    People repping Kobe jerseys aren’t all Lakers fans.
    People who repped MJ jerseys weren’t all Bulls fans.

    I bet the 1999 Chicago Bulls had more bandwagon abandons than the Heat do.

    I have 5 LeBron Miami Heat jerseys (the company sent two extras free of charge) because I like LeBron.

  • janedoe

    LeBron is the Man!

  • Rion Phillips

    Lol, not true. The bulls sold out home games until November 3, 2000, which started in 1987. (third longest streak at 610) Thats going into the start of the 3rd season without Jordan and if you looked at how bad they were at the time, I’m surprised they sold half the tickets. How long did the Heat manage a home sell out crowd? Maybe 80% of the playoff games or so? Chicago loves their teams no matter what. Cubs for example. Miami does not. Who would blame them though? It’s not like during the winter the only thing to do is stay inside.

  • Melissa Lowe

    I’m buying some too but I’m waiting on his number decision.

  • teddyf

    didn’t they say during the commentary of LeBron going back to Cleveland that he was going to wear #32?

  • CPBuff22

    Of course everyone purchased a jersey, Cleveland burned all his jerseys when he left for Miami.

  • CPBuff22

    He will never be better than Wilt Chamberlain let alone Michael Jordan.

  • CPBuff22

    In the 1990’s you were either a Bulls fan, Piston fan, Knicks fan or for a short time Pacers Fan. And most of the time Bull’s fans out numbered home team fans. That is how popular the Chicago Bull’s were. I don’t think any NBA Team will ever be THAT popular ever again.

  • HMD

    Wow how can anyone think this bitch be the best player of all time!! More like a sellout bitch and not loyal to his team and him self!! Dwayne wade said someone that can’t be him self is someone that we never know who he really is!!! Lebron James your a joke!!!

  • Little Putanatang

    Why so much love for a lil bitch who ran away from home just to come back and run away again after two years??? What happened to honor? Bandwagoners are the only ones on love with lebrick.

  • Nolan Hughes

    Why would you buy his jersey if he hasn’t even picked the number yet? If he goes back to #23 (which he should) but you bought a Cleveland #6 jersey it is gonna look kinda weird at games unless he jokingly plays a few games with a #6 jersey so people can say he did actually play with the #6.