Frank Vogel, Lance Stephenson
  • Nelson12

    Lance will be in blue and gold for awhile, ‘no way do you let talent like that leave’.

  • Derek W Shaw

    The trouble with Lance IMO, is I think he wants too much money. He’s too young to understand that teams that win championships in a league with a salary cap, are te teams that sign the most talent who take cuts. I’m sure his araguement is George and Hibbert got max deals. We are at a pivotal point and this deal could make or break our season next year because Lance does have serious talent, he was just late to the Signing party.

  • SweetdickWilly

    They must’ve played Dumb & Dumber at that theater.

  • Joe Betz

    Just got my Pacers mini ticket package…well, placed my deposit…and I fully expect Lance to rock the blue and gold next season. My prediction: 4 year, 32 million. Exactly the same as George Hill’s deal.