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Report: Anthony Expected To Re-Sign With Knicks

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony ( Kelley L Cox- USA TODAY Sports)

Despite his whirlwind, star-studded free agency tour, there’s been a growing notion around the league in recent days that Carmelo Anthony will likely to return to the New York Knicks. A new report by Frank Isola of the New York Daily News makes that development seem inevitable.

Isola says that the one road block between Anthony agreeing with the Knicks is the chance, however remote, that he could choose to sign with the same team as LeBron James.

Anthony is expected to accept the Knicks’ five-year, $129 million contract offer, and a decision could be made within the next 48 hours. The one holdup could be James, who is also an unrestricted free agent and is being courted by several teams, including the Cavaliers and the Lakers.

It seems ever-unlikely that Carmelo and LeBron will team up this summer. With Anthony set to accept the extra security that comes with New York’s contract offer and James insisting on earning a maximum salary, it would be wholly surprising if both agreed to pay-cuts despite the attraction of playing together.

Sam Amick of USA TODAY previously reported that the only team the Knicks fear as a competitor for Anthony is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls, though, don’t have a surefire means to gaining space under the salary cap necessary to sign Carmelo without sacrificing the talent that makes them such an attractive destination.

According to two people with knowledge of the situation, the Knicks are confident about their standing in the sweepstakes and consider the Bulls the only real threat among the many suitors…

Should Anthony decide to shift the Eastern Conference balance of power by heading for Chicago, the way in which he’d get there might be quite convoluted, especially with the reports Friday that the Bulls were working to get a deal done with forward Nikola Mirotic

The Bulls could create room by trading forward Taj Gibson as well, but the sixth man of the year runner-up is seen as a major selling point for Anthony as he decides which team can help him win the title.

It appears that Anthony will remain with the Knicks. Now, how will Phil Jackson build a team that won 37 games last season and has limited financial flexibility until next summer into an immediate contender?

Realistically, that’s a pipe-dream. Carmelo re-signing with New York is about security and the prospect of future success. As a result, we won’t know if his decision is the right one until this time next year.

Is Carmelo right to re-sign with New York?

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  • roundabout77

    Carmelo’s only interest is the money, not team play. Knicks sealed the deal when Jackson agreed to give him a max contract. Melo can live with being the scorer on a non-contending team (for the moment) He will continue to play one on one.

  • Darko

    People are crazy if they think this is bad move. This team was second in the east just a year ago. They will be better than last year’s team. The main reason they were so bad was point guard play. They made a significant upgrade at the point guard position. They will have enough money to go after major pieces next season. None of those teams that are courting him are one piece away, with the exception of maybe Houston. I think he wants to be in a better market than Houston.

  • Joe Lee Stroud II

    I won’t believe anything until I see it in writing, or on Sportscenter.

  • EugenePBurton

    Isola says that the one road block between Anthony agreeing with the Knicks is the chance, however remote, that he could choose to sign with the same team as LeBron James http://num.to/762-828-265-561

  • arwin adina

    my hunch is melo will be with the lakers with kobe as playing coach and playing point and pau returning…and lbj going back to the cavs leaving a sinking heat ship (always an oppurtunist that will never be the great one that lots of people percieve him to be) and the spurs will win back to back titles

  • Greg Williams

    im a lakers fan and i dont really expect l.a. to land melo or lebron. i mostly want a decision made so lakers can move on and start going after some of the 2nd and 3rd tier players before they are all gone.

    meanwhile, many people love to kill carmelo about his style of play. quite simply he’s a pure shooter/scorer. if you put players around him that can fulfill the duties of their position (centers grabbing boards, blocking shots, power forward doing much the same, guards who can score when needed, play defense and facilitate), anthony will be an asset. let him do what he does, and have good role players to handle the other duties. he is often an unsung hero on the olympic teams as mostly just a designated scorer

  • Shalove2

    And if your boss offered you a raise and a promotion you would turn it down for the good of the company, spare me this nonsense. Micheal, Kobe, Magic and Bird never took less. There is no reason to sacrifice personal gain for professional success but for losers like you I guess it’s difficult to understand.

  • Shalove2

    and that’s why you’re a moron.

  • roundabout77

    1-Carmelo claims he would take less to play for the Knicks. Since NBA teams must adhere to a salary cap, that’s a big issue. 2-$100M is not chump change and he’s already made multiple millions of dollars . 3-If Carmelo puts winning first – as he claims – he will want the best players and that means taking less money (see salary cap). The Spurs do it; See Lebron, Wade and Bosch for the past 3 years – all finals and two titles) Carmelo has been successful in the personal gain money department (very much so). He’s not been successfull professionally in the NBA (no rings) It’s not difficult to understand/ You just don’t get it.

  • arwin adina

    hahaha funny thing…i just gave a hunch and a fact hahaha oh wait ahm hahaha cant get over this dude….hahaha lemme guess, you worship your king so much and still hurting when the most beautiful basketball team took what rightfully theirs.might as well get commissioner stern back to make your sorry piece of great player chump again.not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 whatever hahaha you are so funny hahaha cant back it up shit.talkin about mt. rushmore what an idiot james is.pass timmy first then maybe we can talk about how close he is to mj, kobe, russell, jabbar, bird, magic et al…

  • KingJames4L

    People Talked So Much Sh!t About Lebron Leaving But Look At Memo Cake Self