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Report: Cavs Pursuing Kevin Love Trade Contingent On LeBron James Signing

LeBron James, Kevin Love

LeBron James, Kevin Love (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

While it’s still not totally clear if Carmelo Anthony is in fact re-signing with the Knicks, the other big free agent, LeBron James, is currently meeting with Pat Riley to discuss his future. Riley’s biggest obstacle to re-signing LeBron comes from LeBron’s old team, the Cavs, who are currently working to trade for Kevin Love as a further enticement for LeBron’s signature.

League sources informed Yahoo! Sports about the news:

Supplementing the normally reliable Wojnarowski tweet is the report from Sam Amico and Zac Jackson of Fox Sports Ohio that the Cavs told James’ agent, Rich Paul, they were looking to deal for Love, but it would be hard without sacrificing No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins:

The Cleveland Cavaliers outlined potential trade scenarios involving Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love with Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent, two sources told FOX Sports Ohio.

The Cavs expressed to Paul that, after their discussions with the Timberwolves, doing a deal “would not be easy,” according to one source.

That source also expressed that the Cavs were reluctant to include No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins in any potential deal.

Sam Amick of USA Today concurs with that assessment and tweets that Wiggins’ camp does not believe he’ll be included in a deal for Love — making any such trade scenario tenuous at best.

If ‘Wolves GM and coach Flip Saunders were crazy, he’d give up Love for the pu-pu platter of Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett and draft picks, but we don’t think even Flip would flip a player of Love’s caliber for that package of role players.

If Love does join the Cavs in a trade — something the Cavs were reluctant to pull the trigger on earlier in the summer because Love wouldn’t guarantee he’d re-sign before he becomes a free agent next summer — they would become the favorites to land LeBron regardless of what Pat Riley is telling him in a meeting right now.

Do the Cavs have any chance at Love?

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  • Karnov

    Cavs org needs to pass me some of that stuff they are smoking.

  • Tara Christianson

    Wow well it wouldn’t be right if the wolves made a good trade for once

  • KimWGulley

    The Cavs expressed to Paul that, after their discussions with the Timberwolves, doing a deal “would not be easy,” according to one source. http://ur1.ca/hpuv6

  • Scosha Moe

    They have potentially 3 1st rd picks in 2015, they should be able to make it happen without giving up Wiggins.

  • Leo

    If the Cavs want Kevin Love they need to give up Andrew Wiggins! They need this deal more than the Timberwolves because the Cavs know they have low to no chance of eying Lebron back without getting Kevin Love! So make a decisions Cleveland….. Who is more inportant….. Andrew Wiggibs or Kevin Love followed by Lebron James? And for you haters….. Flip Saunders knows he have all the leverage because he would be better off watching Love leave next year as a free agent than help the Cavs become contenders with Lerbon, Love, Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins while they get trash in return and a hopefult decent player in next years draft…… Play hardball and either get Andrew Wiggins or watch and laugh at the the Cavs screw themselves out of Lebron for Andrew Wiggins and contend for the #1 draft pick again next year too… Lmao…..

  • Leo

    Keep dreaming and pass that green while you hold onto that pipe dream….. There is no way in hell the Cavs keep Andrew Wiggins and Kyrie Irving and get Kevin Love while the wolves hope they get a decent player with a potential draft pick next year….. Lmao at this nonsense…. SMH!!! #realityiscalling

  • Leo

    The wolves are making a great move because they have the leverage….. They are smart to either get Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love or keep Kevin Love and trade him before the trade deadline and watch the Cavs screw themselves out of Kevin Love and Lebron James for Andrew Wiggins!

  • Leo

    The smartest post on here!!!!! The Cavs have to choose between Andrew Wiggins or Kevin Love and Lebron James!!! They will be on something if they choose Andrew Wiggins! SMH!!!