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UPDATE: Rockets, Lakers Finalizing Lin Trade

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin (Kirby Lee, USATODAY Sports)

The Houston Rockets have some work to do before they can sign Chris Bosh. Daryl Morey and company don’t have the requisite cap space to sign Bosh outright unless they move the salaries of Jeremy Lin and other players. Though it was previously reported that Lin would be headed to the Philadelphia 76ers to make room for Bosh, ESPN’s Marc Stein says that Houston has engaged the Los Angeles Lakers in trade discussions for the Asian-American star.

UPDATE: A deal between the Rockets and Lakers for Lin seems imminent.


This development doesn’t mean the deal between the Rockets and Sixers is off the table, but certainly casts doubt on the assumption that it’s imminent. As Stein notes, though, Lin makes more sense as a basketball piece for the Lakers. Philly has no incentive to win right now, and Los Angeles wants to remain competitive in Kobe Bryant’s twilight while not sacrificing flexibility on the free agent market next summer.

Perhaps this is an instance of Morey trying to put a player he signed in the best situation possible, or maybe the Lakers aren’t demanding a first-round pick from Houston like the Sixers supposedly are. It could be both plus a combination of other factors – there’s no telling at this point. Either way, that LA has emerged as a potential landing spot for Lin is intriguing from multiple perspectives.

Would Lin look good in a Lakers uniform?

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  • Zhang Jian Wen

    No Anthony,
    No James,
    No Love,

    Well i guess this is Lakers “consolation prize”.
    This teach Lakers board a lesson, that this world have Karma. Because of Kobe, Lakers “sellout” Shaquile O’neal and most recently Dwight Howard and probably soon Gasol too, If Lakers do like this, where will have any star dare playing for Lakers before Kobe retired? No Star want to go Lakers just to be Kobe’s side kick.

  • corona10

    Stfu. They wouldnt be his sidekick. He’d be passing the team them. So it would become whomever he passed the torch to’s team idiot.

  • RussinSactown

    I’d feel better about where the Lakers were going had they hired a COACH by now. At this point I almost expect Jim Buss to break out a clip board and a whistle.

  • Eric Williams

    the Lakers need to let Jeanie buss run the organization we are down but we’re not out believe dat

  • RussinSactown

    I agree. Jeanie needs to take control and Jim Buss needs to get back to rating racehorses.

  • pete

    corona10 you are such a dumbass. by your reponse you and zhang both agreed that laker is kobe’s team. so you think superstar like Anthony, James or Love need to play with kobe and WAIT for him to pass the stuipd torch?

  • rapidron

    This is very lucky for the Lakers actually. If you’re looking for a good player, who is very much about the team, and who doesn’t have ego issues (and might be able to teach Kobe something about teamwork), Jeremy Lin is a perfect fit for the team. He brought the Knicks around and helped Houston out a great deal, and got a face full of garbage ungratefulness, and lack of respect for his effort, good numbers and play. Hopefully here in LA we treat JLin better.

  • corona10

    Dude you don’t get it. Just shut up.

  • 2cents

    That’s a poor retort. Bring some facts to support your argument. Kobe is a ball hog who puts ego in front of team. And now his ridiculous contract will kill the team until he retires.