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Report: Source Says “90 Percent Chance” LeBron Returns To Cleveland

LeBron James

LeBron James (David Richard, USATODAY Sports)

LeBron James is currently spending time in Las Vegas with members of the Miami Heat organization, but that doesn’t mean he’s re-signing in South Beach. According to Chris Sheridan of sheridanhoops.com, there’s a “90 percent chance” that James will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s imperative to remember that misinformation and leg-less rumors rule the day this time of year. We don’t know who Sheridan’s source is, but that a veteran NBA reporter considers this worthwhile information is what makes it worth noting.

Plus, momentum in the LeBron sweepstakes has been firmly trending in Cleveland’s direction for the past three days. Whether it’s the growing sentiment that his family and inner-circle prefers going home to Ohio or the unsubstantiated noise that Dan Gilbert flew his plane to Miami on Monday, it’s clear the Cavaliers have emerged as a possible destination for James at the very least.

Sheridan isn’t the only long-respected league reporter sensing LeBron might be Cleveland bound, either.

It was previously reported that James would meet with Pat Riley and other Heat officials today, but his agenda instead consisted of a workout with Dwyane Wade and a rap session with Nike representatives. LeBron will sit down with Riley tomorrow, according to ESPN.

LeBron James and Pat Riley will have their long-awaited face-to-face meeting Wednesday in Las Vegas, according to league sources…

The meeting with Riley on Wednesday is believed to be the first meeting James has participated in since opting out of the final two years and $42 million of his Heat contract…

A person close to the situation told The Associated Press that James and Wade worked out together in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because no one has publicly released James’ itinerary.

There might not be a front office executive in the league with more clout than Riley – just look at his free agency coup in 2010 for evidence of his influence.

But despite his 10 total championship rings, Riley might be playing a fixed game if Sheridan’s report is to be believed. A 90 percent chance that James leaves Miami and returns to Cleveland or otherwise, though, a face-to-face meeting with Riley will surely help clarify his second decision.

Is LeBron bound for Cleveland?

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  • Jermaine Parrott

    I’m so tired of the inaccurate stories about free agency when most of it is just speculation. 90% sure? Where did this magical number come from? One if the most annoying parts about offseason in the NBA is the hilarious stories that people come up with just so people can get excited and read their article. Whatever happened to stories with actual facts? I came on here just to comment, I did not read the story because there’s no need to.
    Also my facebook feed is flooded with idiots who think these types of articles are fact.

  • Seemingly Random Penguin

    Fake ass story, smh


    They’re just building hype LOL

  • Anthony A Smalls


  • number1bigdaddy

    he is going back to ohio people

  • Steve Ortiz

    After long discussions with my co-workers here in the office, one of them who I will randomly select as my source. I put Lebron’s chances of landing in Cleveland at 50% which may or may not be true considering he hasn’t spoken to Riley in Las Vegas. Let’s forget Lebron hasn’t talked to anyone face to face yet up to this point and he worked out with Wade (A report originally claimed from ESPN, but actually written by some other News Reporter not associated with ESPN)

    After scratching my ass a few times I have decided to change that 50% to 50.5% in Cleveland’s favor only because it felt good and I felt it would make the Cleveland fan base feel better out of pity.

    No chnace Bosh goes to Houston and Pat Riley signs Carmelo to a max deal to pair up with Lebron in South Beach. I put that possibility at a big fat 0. Nope not going to happen

  • Tyakack

    We’ll see how crazy of a thought this is real soon….

  • Falcon84

    Uh, it isn’t “unsubstantiated” that Gilbert’s plane flew to South Florida. It was confirmed, and it was confirmed that former LeBron teammate and current Cavs employee Zydrunas Ilgaulskus was onboard that plane. He and LeBron are very close friends, and there’s no doubt he went there to pitch Cleveland to LeBron.

  • TJ

    The odds of him going back to Cleveland are now 100%. My sources have confirmed this. All credit goes to:

    1. The old lady that says “Welcome to Walmart” at my local Walmart (which is only 4 hours away from the Walmart near Lebron’s home).
    2. The guy outside my office window trimming the hedges (asked him while he was on a water break).
    3. My boss who is the ultimate Lakers fan and an even bigger Lebron hater (unless he joins the Lakers).
    4. The nice guy at Subway that always gives me extra cheese even if I don’t order it.
    5. Myself !! I’ve watched Lebron enough to know exactly what he is thinking at any given moment. We are just in sync like that.

  • Patricia Morris

    There are so many closet supporters of LeBron who are now coming out strong for the return of King James. We have Johnny Football (who is good friends with LeBron) and with the return of LeBron (there is no place like home), it will be something so good, that I cannot even describe how good it is going to be.

  • Edrik D. Mercado

    i just think it would be a bigger legacy to bring atleast 1 championship to cavs for lebron than in the heat…. the best cavs player in history… competed until the end… i just think of the heats 2 rings as one legit and 2nd a lucky one…

  • Mark Jennings

    Hmm Isnt KING J In Vegas

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    Okay, so… you were wrong…

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    and you were wrong…

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    you were wrong, too…

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    looks like you were also incorrect…

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    and you were the only one right…

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    wow. you were wrong too… hmm…

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    snarky… but you were right.

  • Chauncey B. Raglin-Washington

    and LBJ agrees…

  • Anthony A Smalls