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Swaggy P Tells Lakers Fans Not To Worry, Calls Kobe Bryant “Batman”

Nick Young

Flamboyant Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young has developed a cult following among NBA fans. Known as much for his quotable persona and glitzy off-court life as he is actual basketball merit, Young became a fixture of the Lakers’ future this summer when the team signed him a to a four-year, $21 million contract. And with longevity in Los Angeles assured, Swaggy P is already amping-up his antics. In an interview with ESPNLA 710 earlier today, Young called Kobe Bryant “Batman” and eased concerns of Lakers fans by saying, “Y’all got Swaggy P back, so don’t worry!”

Young is right in a way. Though they may struggle to compete in a loaded Western Conference this season, Los Angeles fans certainly won’t lack for entertainment. Young’s Jekyll and Hyde on-court theatrics were a fleeting bright spot – or yet another dark one? – for the Lakers in 2013-2014, and he’s liable to amuse even more going forward given the security of a long-term contract.

Plus, Bryant will be healthy. The prospect of Kobe sharing the wings with Swaggy P has hilarity written all over it. If Bryant really is “Batman,” he’ll certainly need a “Robin.”

For the sanity of Lakers fans everywhere, let’s hope Young’s idea of enforcing superhero justice has more to do with winning games and making the right play than infamous gaffes like below.

What do you think of Swaggy P?

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  • darren

    dude has not been practising, won’t be surprised if he hasn’t improved; he seems like a cool guy and you can’t blame him now that kobe’s back and they still don’t have a title contending roster… kindof irks me how much attention he gets just because he’s an attention whore though LOL but hey his attitude is what lands him iggy and sweeter paycheques so get money right? hope he didn’t get any worse since he’s slacking

  • Young Flash Nebula

    Mannnn…….Swaggy P gonna be just fine Lakers just need two scoring biggs (7 footers hint Greg Monroe ;-) )