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Video: Andrew Wiggins’ Ferocious Dunk At Cavs Summer League Practice

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins (photo. impactbball instagram)

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Andrew Wiggins will play his first competitive professional basketball game tomorrow at Las Vegas Summer League against Jabari Parker and the Milwaukee Bucks. Wiggins, though, has begun making his mark on July basketball even before that highly-anticipated matchup. In a Cavaliers practice at Impact Basketball, the 19 year-old phenom showed off the elite athleticism that him the number one pick in the draft with a powerful, high-flying, two-handed dunk.

@22wiggins with the monster dunk during @cavs practice at #impactbasketball #NBA

Whoa. Let’s see that again.

Wiggins is one of the most explosive athletes to come into the NBA in recent memory. If his developing skill-set ever catches up to his immense physical gifts, he’ll no doubt be one of the best players in the world.

The scariest part for the rest of the NBA, though? If LeBron James returns to Cleveland, Wiggins won’t even the best athlete on his team. Yikes.

(Vine via Cleveland Cavaliers)

What do you think of Wiggins’ dunk?

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  • KentAZ

    LeBron isn’t coming back to this dysfunctional franchise, and Wiggins will leave as soon as he’s a free agent.

    The Cavs’ front office is a joke.

  • Ryan Williams

    Why are all of your post negative? Quit being a Debby downer!

  • Ryan Williams

    If you are in Ohio stand up for your team. Don’t be a pussy and cry about it!

  • NY CHRI$$$ ????????????????????????????????????

    Fuck lebitch the brick and andrew wigger

  • Official Celtics

    he’s not coming back, huh?

  • oZ

    Lebron announced that he WILL be returning to Cleveland! God help
    Us all

  • Eric Crane

    Mega fail dude. Go away

  • 2cents

    So now the “Decision 2.0″ has been made, Wiggins should also brign his game home to Canada. Go Raptors

  • LeWyaneWames

    Damn shun