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Watch Kyle Korver And Klay Thompson’s Beautiful Three-Point Contest

Kyle Korver, Klay Thompson

Korver, Thompson (photo. Rich Twu YouTube)

There surely isn’t room on Team USA’s 12-man FIBA World Cup roster for both Kyle Korver and Klay Thompson. The spot for which they’re vying on the National Team is that of designated sharpshooter, and there’s only one up for grabs. To help managing director Jerry Colangelo, coach Mike Krzyzewski, and legions of basketball fans across the country make the unenviable choice between them, Korver and Thompson got right to the point at a recent practice, going around the world in a two-man three-point shooting contest.

Two of the league’s preeminent long-range marksmen, Korver and Thompson have similar deficiencies that are especially magnified in a setting rife with All-Star caliber players – namely a lack of off-dribble comfort and creativity. And because neither is big enough to play nominal power forward, they don’t afford Coach K the lineup flexibility he so craves on the international stage.

Team USA is just too talented to take both players to Spain, but it can’t go wrong either way. As made clear in the video below, Korver and Thompson are historically proficient shooters. Watch Kenneth Faried in the near frame as the competition moves to the center arc; the Denver Nuggets big man is hardly a legitimate three-point threat, obviously, but the contrast between his jumper and Korver’s and Thompson’s is striking nonetheless.

According to LetsGoWarriors.com, Thompson said Korver emerged from the epic shooting battle victorious. He’s more concerned with getting better than winning mostly meaningless competitions, though, and there’s no better place to do so than Team USA training camp.

“Man,” the competitive Thompson said, shaking his head, “He beat me four out of seven spots.

“You can only miss one shot, maybe two (against Korver),” Thompson added, “but I love shooting with Kyle — or Steph [Curry]. There’s not many guys I think can shoot better than me. It just gets me better.”

Our quick analysis confirmed Thompson’s assessment. The players shoot from just six spots in the video, with Korver winning three spots, Thompson two, and splitting the other. Korver made a mind-boggling 27-33 shots, good for a scorching 81.8 percent. Thompson wasn’t far behind at 26-36 and 72.2 percent.

No matter which player ultimately makes the team, the United States will clearly have the best shooter in the World Cup on its roster.

(Video via Rich Twu)

Who’s a better shooter – Korver or Thompson?

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  • Jak Allen III

    i’ve never seena right handed shooter step into their shot with th eleft foot. not even from the left side of the floor. thats talent

  • Onaje

    I used to think I could shoot until I started to play at the College level with guys and girls that had so much better coaching under their belts…I was never great at drills, but could get in a game and get hot, but that isn’t skill…what these guys do where they shoot so consistently and easily in drills and make it translate to consistency on the court that is skill…why professionals are professionals…

    LoL @ Kenneth Faried coming up with the set shot three…he was making them, but it doesn’t look like it will translate in the games as his form was one that adrenaline, pressure, and the increased speed of the game will disrupt his ability to shoot so carefully…

    Too bad these guys don’t work smartly to expand their games more seriously…3-4 years in he should be able to get more square and elevate into a better form of shoot than he did there…

  • dwill

    Kenneth faried still works on it though.

  • Shakir Baruka

    KyleKorver and KlayThompson of course are two of the best shooters in the game and I should say that I like both of them. However, where writer JackWinter gets it all wrong is when he states, “[they] have similar deficiencies that are especially magnified in a setting rife with All-Star caliber players – namely a lack of off-dribble comfort and creativity.” Essentially all they can do is shoot the perimeter J.
    KlayThompson has not only had a better PER throughout his brief career than KyleKorver, he’s an ABOVE average defender. Just one of the reasons why Klay has been off the table in the KevinLove sweepstakes. Furthermore, KlayThompson has shown that he is not only able to create his own shot off the dribble, but also able to create shots for others. I’m really tired of writers who don’t know what they’re talking about.