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Andrew Wiggins Shades Doubters, Cavs on Instagram

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins (Brad Penner, USATODAY)

Andrew Wiggins has finally spoken. After weeks of endless speculation and recent days of seeming confirmation that he’d be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love, the number one pick of the 2014 draft denounced his doubters – with the Cavs and LeBron James surely among them – in a post on Instagram.

The caption is lyrics from Fabolous’ track “Transformation.”

I’m here to beat the odds that was set against me, wished the worst luck to anyone who bet against me.

This is harmless fun, of course, but quells notions that Wiggins won’t be fueled by this transitional start to his career. While he doesn’t mention the Cavaliers and James – who has long made it known he wants to play with Love – specifically, it’s a safe bet Wiggins counts his soon-to-be former team and superstar teammate among those who “bet against” him. Let’s just say it doesn’t seem like the Canadian sensation will be rooting for Cleveland going forward.

But this is about more than the Cavaliers. Wiggins faced an undue amount of criticism throughout the draft process that extended to the Love talks. All professional athletes have detractors, of course, but few have dealt with as many as Wiggins before playing their first game, and fewer still have gained them through zero fault of their own.

Wiggins clearly remembers instances like a fan at Las Vegas Summer League yelling “You’re gonna get traded!” when he was at the free throw line and his awkwardly pointed, live interview on SportsCenter from last week. Here’s hoping he uses them and many more similar scenes from the past couple of months as propellent to reach the exalted heights in Minnesota that his limitless potential suggests.

Will Wiggins star in Minnesota?

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  • Harold K. Price

    I dont remember Kobe or ray allen getting all emotional when they were traded on draft night this is a Business deal with it young fella.

  • John Dolce Dough

    this not the night of draft.

  • Harold K. Price

    Wtf does that have to do with my remark. Common sense great things can happen due to his so called misfortune draft night or not he shouldnt even consider this a slap in the fsce. If you are gonna challenge me to a debate show up with common sense my friend. Trolling is another form of hate.

  • Harold K. Price


  • Not1Not2Not3

    Let’s go T-Wolves!!! #TeamWiggins

  • tony

    Kobe went from garbage to the Lakers. Who in their right mind would cry about being part of the lakers? Ray Allen I never followed, however, the over sensitive society we live in today, allows for thus type of behavior.

  • RickSantelli

    Actually it has a lot to do with your remark. Draft night trades are common. This is an uncommon situation where a #1 pick is being traded away well after the draft because the league’s best player has basically come in and said he’d rather play with someone else. It may not be personal but it’s definitely a slight. I don’t know why you’d compare that to a draft night trade, it’s quite different. And you’re the one trolling, accusing others of not having common sense.

  • Harold K. Price

    Ok how is this! wiggins is not battlle tested dude love is and like I said before this may be a Beneficial moment for wiggins as well as love.
    if the crying game ends. Draft night or post draft none of them played a lick of regular season ball before they were traded away did they? If my comparison gave you a migrane whatever . So you are another cry baby I see? I started the thread not trolling just backing up what I posted in the first place man . Another troll from middle earth spews there non lethal venom at me lol. Good day to you as well.

  • Harold K. Price

    Besides he was a #1 pick by default! What did lsst year’s #1 pick or anthony davis the year prior to last year do yet? ? That’s the problem with the draft process it drafts potential 85% of the time and not true skill love wanted out long before lbj decided to bounce. if you had any business savvy you’d see nowadays it’s about winning not creating lifelong alliances. if you can do that by all means go for it but ummm if you can max your roster out with proven star power and high bball iq do it. And besides if he is as good as he feels he is then he can put Minnesota on the playoff map he’s got rubio to receive the rock from so why feel slighted? At the end of the day he is still going to be able to provide for his family.

  • RickSantelli

    Love’s a great player but look at what’s being traded here, from Wiggins perspective. First of all he’s on a long term rookie contract so that’s additional value being given up for Love who’s not only a max contract but even then can only give verbal assurance of signing it. Then you throw in Bennett who showed promise latest season, and another first rounder. So value wise, Wiggins is being told he’s far, far less valuable than Love. I can understand why he’d feel slighted and call people doubters, and have a chip on his shoulder. Unlike you, who has a chip on his shoulder for reasons I don’t understand.

  • Judicious

    You’re awkward as hell bro

  • adamoveal

    you sound kind of stupid, how common is it that a number 1 overall doesnt even play 1 game for the team that drafts him? secondly this is not draft night, lastly no one wants to go from playing with one of the best players in the world to going to a team like minnesota who hasnt had success in God knows how long

  • Bobby Sanbury

    I’ll be satisfied with having a contract PERIOD. Long as he on a team, he shouldn’t trip.

  • Scosha Moe

    He’s getting traded for a top 10 player, he shouldn’t feel slighted.

  • north

    I think he feels slighted because the Cavs never told him anything, he found out through the media. I’ve got connections through CIA Bounce and the kid didn’t know anything till we did. If the Cavs had just been straight up from day 1 he wouldn’t feel slighted at all. Cavs just showed yet again that they aren’t a classy organization.

  • JD

    How common? Wiggins would only be the third since ’76.

  • Marcos Evangelos Kolioulis

    Harold sounds like a whiney little biatch

  • smotty

    Ray Allen said he did.

  • http://www.alsbballtraining.ca/ Allen Harrington

    Ya well, nobody from Canada is rooting for Lebron “The Joke” James

  • Matt Green

    Harold Kobe wanted to go to the Lakers. Not sure where u r going with this

  • Philly Mike Wright

    Just because you make a statement doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be challenged especially when you mention Kobe getting traded to the GREAT Lakers. ” this is not Draft night” is a valid statement , because draft night trades happen all the time . Having a chip can be productive and shows a sense of pride. Crying is getting ultra defensive , because a reader or readers had the audacity to correct your remark .

  • Tony Soul

    I don’t know why you guys are at each others throat about Wiggins trade. I am sure that going to the Wolves may be a big time blessings for him. He will be able to play many minutes and earn respect from people all over the world. Playing with LeBron may not allow him to really shine and show the stuff he is made off. This trade and the issues around it should give Wiggins the motivation to rise to a super star status, just to prove to people that he is a skillful ball player. In few years if he shows the NBA that he has what it takes, he will have the last laugh over his doubters and critics. My advice to Wiggins is to stay focus and display his talent on the ball court and always let his basketball skills do all his talking. He will come out with flying colors. Good luck to a great young kid and future super star.

  • socali

    Who cares. Hes going to be a Laker once his rookie contract ends.