NBA / Aug 11, 2014 / 5:15 pm

Carmelo Anthony Has Lost Noticeable Weight, Too

Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James

Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James (USA TODAY)

If LeBron James is the bride, Carmelo Anthony is certainly the bridesmaid. In James’ shadow ever since being drafted behind him in 2003 despite leading Syracuse to a NCAA Championship, Anthony continued that trend by showing off a similarly trim physique to that of the four-time MVP on Instagram today.

(translated from Spanish) Great training session today.

It’s good to see that Carmelo isn’t resting on his laurels after signing a $124 million contract in July and admitting that the New York Knicks likely won’t win a championship this season.

He’s long been dogged by detractors for his lack of fitness compared to physical marvels like James, but that’s never been fair. Anthony’s body type – not unlike Paul Pierce’s – simply isn’t conducive to David-like musculature, but that hardly means he’s lacking for strength or stamina. Just look at his last two seasons with the Knicks. Carmelo has shouldered more offensive responsibility than almost any player in basketball over that timeframe, yet managed arguably the two best seasons of his career.

If the photos below are any indication of his commitment to improvement, Anthony could be even more dominant this year. Check out the side-by-side comparison below of the photo in question and one from early June. Carmelo, like LeBron, is working hard this summer.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photos. Instagram)

Here’s hoping Anthony’s commitment to fitness pays off with an even better season in 2014-2015 than his last two in New York.

Will Carmelo’s weight loss pay off?

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  • Onaje

    With knee issues…this is smart move…we may actually see Melo above the rim more this year…to bad he isn’t doing it to prepare his body to try to carry his team to a Championship…

  • Squidward

    Also, his team sucks. Jesus would probably struggle taking them to a championship.

  • 2cents

    Jesus Shuttlesworth?

  • 2cents

    Always a good move to work hard in the off season. I actually think KG started this trend, as he was always lean his whole career and has been relatively injury free til of late.

    The bigger question is what Melo is hoping to solve with this move. If he wanted to play more PF and bang down low, then this might work against him. If he is planning on chasing SFs on defense and running off more picks on offense, then it’s a great move.

  • Onaje

    I think it is more about him being able to scorer and move on offense better…He really shouldn’t be playing too much 4 with this team, but everyone is enamored with small line up these days…

  • teubanks

    The less weight he has the better. People always get on Kevin Durant for being so skinny, but he wouldn’t be as fast and agile if he were to put on weight.

  • 2cents

    Actually I am one of those in favour of the small ball line ups. More scoring, up and down running games, and less bogged down offense is my sort of NBA.

  • Onaje

    I do like the faster game, but if that means watching a 6’8 and under league it takes away from the game to me. I just feel when guys like Amare, Aldridge, Blake, Ibaka, Thompson, Jefferson, Terrance Jones, Favors, Milsap, Love, Bosh, Gibson, Lee, Randle, Gordon, Davis, Gortat, Nene, Noah, Gasol Bros, Zach, Dwight, Peck, etc being a big in the league going small is not as great a need…

    San Antonio, Clippers, Blazers, and Toronto play fast with two bigs in their line up, so everyone else could too I think,..

    I guess I just enjoy the 80s style of game…even though that was before my time…high scoring, but still with bigs and physicality.

  • Nihilus Rose

    Oh no, not Sabathia again