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D-Wade & Gabrielle Union Make Wedding Guests Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade

The upcoming nuptials on Saturday between Heat guard Dwyane Wade and his actress/model girlfriend Gabrielle Union, is sure to include a bevy of stars in attendance, but good luck finding any delicious gossip about what goes on during their “I do’s.” The pair is making everyone involved in the wedding sign a non-disclosure agreement barring guests from discussing anything about the goings on, or face a hefty fine, TMZ has learned.

Wade enlisted his son’s help when he proposed to his long-time girlfriend back in December last year. The 32-year-old Wade and 41-year-old Union even sent out an adorable Save the Date video in anticipation of their ceremony.

Now, on the cusp of their union this weekend, that harbinger of paparazzi doom, TMZ, has learned they’ve cracked down on any nosy gossip mongers:

We’ve obtained a copy of the confidentiality agreement drawn up for D-Wade and Gabby — we’re told relatives, guests, vendors, caterers … in short, everybody … will have to sign it before setting foot in the wedding.

TMZ Sports broke the story … guests have already been told not to bring cell phones or cameras to the wedding this Saturday in South Florida.

The doc goes even further … warning that ANYTHING seen or heard at the wedding is confidential information that must be kept secret — including any personal info or financial details.

According to the agreement, violators will pay a hefty cash fine for unspecified damages.

This actually makes perfect sense to us, and we’re not sure why TMZ is drumming up the story like Wade and Union are some paranoid couple. They’re both celebrities in their own right, and secrecy comes at a premium when you inhabit that level of stardom.

Regardless of how strict their policy on cell phones, or any sort tidbits about floozy’s letting their hair down at the reception, a lack of yellow journalism after-the-fact only really inhibits the TMZ’s of the world. So, congrats to these two, we hope it’s a special ceremony only those in attendance get to experience. Best of luck, we hope TMZ doesn’t rope an exclusive from a party-goer.

Fair or foul to have guests sign a non-disclosure agreement before coming to the wedding?

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  • Onaje

    Fair…People give way too much of their private life as is…They have already had cheating and stray babies out in the opinion and explaining their relationship to the public already…have some respect for your relationship/marriage and family to keep Fam biz in the Fam.

    Lust for relevancy isn’t going to keep them happy…

  • Not1Not2Not3

    Foul! I hope TMZ gets someone to squeal. Wade and Gabby are starting to act like their sh!t don’t stank. I can see if they ask guest not to give a lot of details but to make everyone sign waivers is taking it too far. No wonder LeBron left Wade, he’s such a douche.

  • jballsallday

    Your the douche!!! simple minded people shouldn’t b able to comment on something that they obviously dont understand. LeBrons the douche. wade made him, if it wasn’t for wade he’d still b crying in Cleveland looking for His first title.