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Kobe Bryant Might Break Michael Jordan’s All-Time Scoring Mark In Chicago

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant

Coming into the 2014-15 NBA Season, Kobe Bryant has 31,700 points. Michael Jordan finished his career with 32,292 points, the third-most all-time, trailing only Karl Malone (36,928) and the all-time NBA leader, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387). So Kobe trails MJ by 592 points heading into the year, and the Lakers play in Chicago on Christmas Day

As first mentioned on Mike & Mike in the Morning, and relayed to us by username: zemulon in reddit’s excellent R/NBA community, comes the news Kobe might be in Chicago for a landmark milestone involving Michael Jordan.

If Kobe averages 21 PPG through the first two months of the season leading up to the Christmas Day game, he’ll have 588 points by the time the Lakers travel to Chicago to take on the Bulls at the United Center. That means he’d need to just drop a couple buckets to move past MJ into third place on the all-time scoring list.

For a player who so obviously mimicked MJ on his way to five rings with the Lakers, Mamba might pass his idol in Chicago, where MJ scored almost 30,000 of his career points (we always try and scrub MJ’s time in Washington from our memory), but that’s where he reached the 30,000 point club.

Before averaging just 13.8 points per game in six contests during his injury-plagued 2013-14 season, Kobe had averaged better than 21 PPG for 14-straight seasons. While it’s unlikely he’ll fall short of the 21 PPG plateau he needs to pass the GOAT in Chicago, he might actually overtake MJ before traveling to the United Center.

Still, after the NBA released the 2014-15 schedule last night on NBA TV, the quintuple-header on Christmas Day was a day that stuck out for us. Now, with a chance Kobe passes MJ IN CHICAGO, we just got even more goosebumps.

What do you think?

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  • 2cents

    Whilst I pay respect to Kobe’s accomplishments, I just feel more comfortable having his stats one rung below MJ’s, as that is where I think he belongs when talking about the two SGs.

  • north

    might get more points but you can’t stop looking at the FG% and realizing how many shots it took him to get there. And in a league without hand checking. Still a CRAP ton of points though.
    I hate seeing Karl Malone’s name on that list. Dude has more turnovers than anyone in the history of the NBA. With an elite PG feeding him the ball no less.

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Kobe will pass him, no matter what, homie. So don’t get too comfortable.

  • Iysoh

    MJ was tha blueprint Kobe perfected tha craft 24>23 its simple mathematics

  • Eric Johnson


  • Eric Johnson

  • DaRealDeal

    Lol dumbest comment I’ve seen thus far. Kobe will never be in the same class as MJ. Kobe rode the bench his first year. Kobe had the most dominant center in the league at the time.

  • Henry Martinez

    Definitely Kobe will surpass Michael’s total career points before the end of the year.Producing points is just ordinary thing for Kobe.

  • NeilKaboom

    Let me reiterate… The muthafucka will surpass MJ regardless what you say, you fool.

  • RickFlash

    They respect each other, Kobe and MJ. Different times, different leagues. Yes, Kobe had Shaq, but also had the bottom fall out, rebuilt and won two more. MJ had a smooth-running machine with no major changes for ALL of his championships. I think they are both amazing, entertaining and very much in the same class. Enjoy your arguments, I’m gonna enjoy some great basketball, as I did in the 90’s.

  • T.V.

    Kobe also shot more 3 than Jordan and played against zone defenses.

  • Hein Win Aung

    I think we’re all forgetting that number of points don’t really determine the overall value of a player. In that case, you’re telling me that Melo is better than LeBron because he scores more. No!

    It’s important to see why MJ has a fewer amount of points. Mostly, its because MJ quit to play baseball in his prime where he could have dropped a HELL a lot of more points and not to mention Kobe is much more of a ‘chucker’. He puts up more field goal attempts than Jordan ever did. Plainly stated, Jordan was more of an efficient player.

    Let’s remember guys, MJ is the GOAT. Kobe, sadly, is not the best all-around player like MJ or even LBJ.

  • Alan Fletcher

    Was Jordan’s time in Washington really that bad?? Really underrated. He averaged 20 / 5 / 5 both seasons. Scored 51 points at age 39. C’mon now! Back on topic, Kobe passing Jordan is kind of irrelevant seeing that Jordan came into the league at 22yrs old and he retired TWICE.

  • AW

    You are stupid , MJ also shot the ball a lot , didnt pass to team mates lol , this was before Phil jackson era , also micheal was given the green light to score , now kobe was 17 when he was drafted , so he came off the bench ,and that’s because Eddie jones was a all star , and shaq didn’t win anything no rings , he came as a proven talent but couldn’t win the big one , untill he hooked up with the lakers , and the lakers put kobe out thier as a starter , people forget that kobe was told to wait his turn , to hold his game back and to work within the frame work of the team , and it was kobe who in the western conf playoffs destoryed team , and closed the show , then in the finals shaq took over with Kobe’s help , kobe and shaq together used to put up 30 plus points on teams they played , and the were unstoppable , so unstoppable that the leauge allowed teams to play a zone defense !!! If kobe bryant play on a piss poor team he would have kicked the leauge ass with 35 points a game , he would have a lest 6 scoring titles and at lest 2 MVP’s maybe 3 , 1 championship for sure or 2 , so before y’all non basketball playing fan talk bad about kobe ? No this all things being equal , put kobe and MJ on the playground In the hood , via watts in LA and let them go hard , kobe would get the best of MJ by a hair , and then MJ would get kobe by a hair also ,

  • KidlatTahimik

    The black mamba can break it all he need is to average 7.3 point a game in 82 games. He can do it in just 40 games!

  • #1 stunna

    Jordan avg 22.9 shots per game
    Kobe avg 19.6 shots per game
    Ton of shots…….?
    Know what you are talking about

  • Julian

    I laugh how this even gets mentioned. Yes Kobe will surpass MJ in scoring. But you have to factor in the years he has played. If Jordan continued to play without retirements, he would have scored way more than what he has now. So stop this nonsense. Even if he gets the 6th ring, its still not the same as 2 3peats. Keep comparing y’all, there’s no doubt in my mind d someone will refute this. Go ahead.

  • saneofdisobay

    FG% ?? Look at TS% MJ 56% KB 55%.. Look at points per fga! Both at 1.3!
    Kobe has way more range than MJ which you need against zone defenses which Jordan never played against.
    Take away the 3 seasons when the NBA brought the 3 pt line closer, MJ’s 3 pt % would be 29% while Kobe’s is 34%!
    To this day MJ still has more career FGA’s then Kobe. While Kobe has more career assists than Jordan. Who’s the ball hog?

  • Bad Luck


  • Vins

    whatever you say, Jordan is stil the GOAT..

  • Vins

    don’t care if kobe will pass him… Michael Jordan is still the greatest of all time..

  • B.J.

    Now that’s an accurate statement. Thats nothing but the honest god truth. Choke on that you kobe haters!!! Lol. I knw it hurts.

  • Florence

    Kobe is still fucked , this guy is already on the verge of passing mj

  • kd skywalker

    look at he number of games. jordan has more assist per game. and while we are talking about true shooting, mj has better TS tham kobe while averaging 5 more points per game. So MJ is a better shooter with more points in average, better passer, rebounder and defender with way more steals.

  • Dank Criticali

    Kobe will never get the credit he deserves. He set a goal to be the leading scorer in NBA history! Most kids that come from money, don’t put the work in. He deserves much respect for his work ethic alone. Jordan didn’t retire. He was suspended to get his gambling in check. Majic also.

  • lakers big dog

    Excuses kobe and Jordan both had there team mate that compliment them they where both real competitive and had a drive that few players have to to win,same level just put on two diff. Uniforms.

  • AW

    MJ is a great player , as it stills the G.O.A.T but kobe is the best player in this era , people forgot the MJ didn’t start wining untill 1991 but he was drafted in 1984 ,,so for 6 season he couldn’t get to the big dance, but now he looked good flying though the air but that was it in those first six years. Now his first title came by beating the lakers,,in 91 but remember James worthy was out. Of that final after game 1, the lakers won that game , but worthy got hurt , and magic was gimpy. So Phil changed the defense he took MJ off of magic because magic was killing him and put pippen on magic , and put MJ on Scott and grant then guarded a rookie name divic and Cartwright guarded Perkins and the bulls won the next 4 , also Nike put millions and millions of dollars behind MJ and for the first time in nba history the leauge focus on MJ as its main attraction , now kobe bryant didn’t start for the lakers at 17 , he was fresh out of high school and came to a team that didnt have to throw him in fire , they had a all star 2guard named Eddie jones and a very good point guard name nick van exel , next during the next kobe grew up to become the starter and the lakers traded eddie jones so kobe could showcase himself , next this ball tag , that’s BS, first off shaq wanted the ball early and often, and it was Kobe’s job to set up the offense for Phil , also had to guard the best player on the floor that played any one of the back court positions and sf , and as far as being a great player kobe bought showtime just like MJ and he put players on posters aka dunked on lol , as kobe grew shaq got mad because kobe was stealing his spot light , also Phil would tell kobe to go win the game when is was tight , also MJ never been tripled team like kobe , also MJ defenders were 6’3 /6’4 MJ was 6’6 and had hops and major hang time , so he could just shoot over the shorter man lol , as for kobe who also have hops and hang time his defender are 6’7 / 6’8 / so kobe is 6’6 so he had to really shoot from the outside and hit with his bag of tricks lol , all things being equal , kobe has the same physical gifts as MJ , kobe is a better outside shooter than MJ , MJ midrange is better than Kobe’s by a hair , the both could jump over you and blow past you , thier footwork is unmatched , they both got that killer instinct on the court , sorry le bron lol, and thier work ethic is legendary , as far as god given talent , thier are equal , skillset equal , mindset equal , MJ was better in the post , kobe on the top/ wing , if they both was playing in the hood in watts , LA no refs , playground rules kobe would some by a hair , MJ would win some by a hair , Iam blessed to see both men play a sport I love !!from the beginning of thier careers ,it like comparing Ali vs Joe Louis to of the greatest ever ,

  • north

    Kobe’s played with more talent over his career but taken more shots and less assists per game. Clearly you don’t know how to read numbers. 5.2 is more than 4.8.

  • AW

    Also I can tell that you didn’t grow up in a black neiborhood , all we care about is winning on that blacktop , as far as le bron , he is a quitter , and he in no shape, way , or. Form better that kobe lol when kobe was le bron age he was the master and the leauge was his students lol , first off le bron needs to team up with other superstars he can handle the load by himself and he get a pass charging into people , but someone with nothing to lose his going to tap his ass real good , a hard playoff foul and he will stop running over people , sir Charles used to do the same thing lol, but now le bron is a great player but he is not on kobe Bryant’s level , kobe makes a bad shot look like God touched the ball Lol , well the white media start hating on kobe because of the white girl in Colorado , !!! And that kobe didn’t care about what they thought about him , so without the NBA BS , le bron vs kobe it no contest , winner kobe bryant by a country mile , now one on one MJ vs Kobe that’s like Ali vs Joe Louis !!

  • Cory

    Just think MJ left the league for 2yrs….hmmm,,,I don’t like Kobe but I respect his game

  • JohnnyHomeless

    Wait….you make too much sense!

  • Hein Win Aung

    # of Points throughout a career ? greatness.

  • Hein Win Aung

    Karl Malone is the greatest foward of all time. TO is just a one statistic. Malone was great in every other field. When you have the ball in your hands a lot, turnovers are bound to happen.

  • Hein Win Aung


  • Hein Win Aung

    Kobe Fans are the most irrational on earth.

  • Bad Luck

    That’s not what this article is about. You guys can’t stop for 1 second without comparing him to somebody.. get over it!

  • Mike

    Wouldn’t been great if they were in their prime and in Miami instead of LeBron. Can you imagine what they could have accomplished with today’s lack of competition

  • Mike

    You can blame competition (Bird, Majic, Thomas) for that. Also NBA Rules. If they were both in their prime today with today’s lack of competition, they would win 10 rings each

  • Mike

    Wait let me guess you are a LeBron fan. How did I know? Because you guys find ways to discredit the truly greats so that you can elevate the wannabe’s

  • north

    I wish we could still vote down. Malone was great, not just at TO’s. He was great at whining, complaining and at crumbling when the game mattered.

  • Jared Russell

    …..and by then it will have only taken Kobe 201 more games played than Jordan, to finally catch him. Not impressive at all.

  • DaRealDeal

    Hmm, took him more years, better players on his team, yea he’s surpassing him alright…I wouldn’t even put kobe right behind MJ…..You might wanna jump off kobe’s nuts.

  • Aaron

    Even MJ said Kobe can probably take him. Let’s not forget who scored 81 points in one night.

  • Kevin Woods

    Actually, MJ was 21 years old when his rookie season started…..but your point is still valid.

    And his first retirement, at 30 PPG probably cost him about 4500 points.

  • Kevin Woods

    Kobe is arguably more of a ball hog when you consider that MJ averaged more assists per game than Kobe.

    Also….the shooting percentages that you list for BOTH players is wrong. Neither has shot more than a 50% in their careers…..but MJ is at 49.7% while Kobe is only at 45.4%.

    So…..MJ = more points per game, more assists per game and better shooting percentage…..by 4 points.

    And we’re not even gonna touch on the fact that MJ averaged more rebounds, steals and blocked shots per game…..while also logging fewer turnovers per game.

    Opps….my bad….seems I touched that after all (LOL).

  • David Curry

    Thank you Mr. Wik E. Pedia

  • David Curry

    Both MJ and Kobe’s play styles are based on #44, Jerry West. Jordan is more explosive/athletic and closer to the basket. “24 era” Kobe is eerily similar to West

  • AW

    Well lets see , some people still want to nut pick kobe game well let’s start first I love both men’s game and they represented the game of basketball and American Africans with a lot of grace and style ! Second people want to call kobe a ball Hogg lol lol, first off MJ was a ball Hogg , he wanted to take the most shots on the bulls , and he felt that he was a star and he need to score in order for the bulls to win !! Now kobe felt that he too was a star and wanted to win and he wanted to be the best in the leauge , and one day the best of all time , they both had that killer instinct , the both hate to lose , skill wise , talent wise they both are equal , now micheal came in the leauge at 21, kobe 17 , MJ was put in position to score at will. Given the green light from day one !! Kobe at 17 was fresh out of HS , and was playing behind a all star in Eddie jones , so thier was no rush to throw him to the wolfs. , now MJ. Had Orlando Woodbridge as his running mate who was a very good / borderline all star , and a young Charles Oakley , a young big 3 , but thier wasn’t on Boston or Philly or Kincks level yet , mean while the lakers wasn’t on the same level as Utah , Houston , Portland , Phoniex , Dallas level yet either even with Shaq aboard the still had to grow up !! , now kobe was told that the lakers was Shaq’s team and he would have hold his game back and wait his turn , lol so with all the talent in the world, with all the heart, hard work , kobe bryant could not unleash it just yet, he was told by Magic, West , and Jackson the Shaq was the man !!! We’re MJ didn’t have too take second to know one after his second season !! Now we all know the MJ was the man!! When Phil took him and told him that his way was the best way to win a title and micheal won 6 , but Phil gave him a gift when he traded olden polynince to Seattle for Scottie pippen , and Phil gave MJ another gift by the name of Horce Grant lol , and built micheal Jordan a real team with some of the best outside shooters in history , and the bulls ran away with the 90’s lol lol now the lakers in 1999 got Phil and unleashed the chosen one kobe bryant

  • AW

    And kobe bryant , got busy , he took the western conference to school in the playoffs , and the beast just made the nba final his playground lol , people can say that shaq was the best player in the first 3 title. But without “KOBE” just killing the western conference playoff team. Just taking the best defender they got for him to the wood shed lol and closing the show Shaq would not have 3 rings as a Laker !!! In his career kobe has made grown men cry like babies , he has in the last 60 second of a tight game come with the knockout punch in the other team arena lol , he has made rabid crowd of the other team fans read from the book of Hush lol , bad triple team shots , look like child’s play !! To me Kobe jellybean Bryant is Micheal Jordan equal , and kobe is a top 5 player of all time !! 1. MJ , 2 . Magic , 3 Kobe , 4 Bird ,5. Kareem !!!!

  • saneofdisobay

    Kobe has more total career assists and less career shots attempted. Who is the ball hog???

  • saneofdisobay

    Kobe as a starter averages 5.1 apg. Also Kobe played in a era with less possessions per game. Do ya homework

  • Kevin Woods

    LOL……all you can point to is some non-sense about ‘ball-hogging’???

    Dude…..talk about playmaking and scoring instead.

    Per minutes played, Jordan DID shoot more, but he also made a higher percentage of his shoots and scored more. He also had more assists, more rebounds, more steals and FEWER turnovers than Kobe.

    In other words, in every measurable statistical category, MJ out-produced Kobe.


    You can try to spin this with any nonsense you want…..but the facts are the facts.

    And, oh yeah…..MJ has more rings, too.

    Jus’ sayin’……

  • Kevin Woods

    Do YOUR homework, genius.

    Even as a starter, Kobe STILL has fewer assists than MJ…….

    Jus’ sayin’…..

  • saneofdisobay

    0.1 more assists? When the NBA in the 80s and early 90s averaged more possessions per game. You sir are very bright

  • saneofdisobay

    First off. MJ’s competition sucked compared to KB’s. They both average 1.3 points per shot attempt! Jordan just shot more! And FG% is ancient history. TS% is what intelligent people use. MJ’s TS% is 56%. KB’s is 55%.. KB’s 3P% and FT% is higher. Kobes FG% is lower because he shoots more 3’s.. TO’s?? KB handles the ball more than MJ.. KB ran the triangle offense. Jordan didnt. Pippen did that. KB guarded the other teams best players. MJ didnt do that. Pippen did! Do ya homework!!

  • saneofdisobay

    True shooting percentage is the more accurate way to gauge shooting accuracy.
    MJ- 56.9
    KB – 55.5
    MJ- 32.7 (29.5 if you take away 95-97 shortened 3 point line)
    KB- 33.5
    MJ- 83.5
    KB- 83.8
    Points per shot attempt
    MJ- 1.3
    KB- 1.3
    Assists per game
    MJ- 5.2
    KB- 4.8 (5.1 as a starter)

  • saneofdisobay

    You are clearly an idiot. How does Kobe shoot more than Jordan?
    Jordan averaged 22.9 shots a game to Kobe’s 19.5 a game.
    Kobe as a starter averages 5.1 assists per game. To this day. MJ still has more career shot attempts than Kobe!! While Kobe has more career assists!

  • saneofdisobay

    5 more points a game? If Kobe shot 22.9 shots a game he would also average 30 PPG!! They both averaged 1.3 points per shot!! Jordan was not the better defender! Thats like sayin Iverson was a great defender because he led the league in steals! Haha MJ was a good help defender. Not a 1 on 1 defender. Pippen did all the dirty work so MJ could play the lanes to get steals and easy lay ups!! Do ya homework!! Kobe had to do Pippens job AND Jordans job!!!

  • saneofdisobay

    MJ is a better shooter? Why was he such a poor 3 pt shooter?? Kobe has way more range than Jordan! Jordan was more mid range and inside. Kobe was mid range, inside and outside pullin up from 30!!!!

  • Kevin Woods

    You’re right…..Kobe handled the ball more because he’s a ball hog.

    He shoots more three’s because he’s a ‘chucker’.

    Jordan = averages more assists (despite handling the ball less), more rebounds and more steals.

    And if you believe that MJ didn’t play in the triangle offense, then YOU seriously need to do your homework (LOL!!).

    I’m done with you, chump.

  • saneofdisobay

    Higher percentage by 1% haha.. they both produced 1.3 points per shot attempt so how did Jordan produce more? And who was MJ’s competition again? Haha ill wait

  • saneofdisobay

    0.1 more assists? Hahhahaha gtfoh. Against who???

  • Guest

    Source please.

  • Ruwack

    Oh you mean the interview when he said; “…other than Kobe Bryant because he steals all my moves.”?
    That was more of a back hand slap.

  • Ruwack

    One thing you guys have to take into consideration: Jordan was the no. 1 Option for his entire career. Kobe was no. 2 option w Shaq; and Offense ran through Gasol who had a higher WS % in finals in last to finals as did Shaq in all three of theirs.
    Probably best no.2 option in history though.

  • Ruwack

    West was one of those guys that could be great in any era too!
    But Kobe carbon copied Jordan’s style.
    West taught if they let they let him get to his spot (which was almost every spot) that it would be a long game for them. BAAAAAD Dude!

  • Ruwack

    Jordan was the no. 1 option for his entire career, Kobe was no.2 in their first three championship runs and the lost one against Detroit.
    So Jordan is supposed to shoot more because they won through him out. L.A. was Shaq out. Even in last two championship offense ran through Gasol.
    Chicago always ran through Jordan; and when doubled, pass out to to snipers like Paxson and then Kerr, etc…

  • David Curry

    West used to complain that Jordan copied all his moves. When Jordan was a rookie guard, why wouldn’t he learn from the best guard in the league, Mr. Logo, to compete?

    Kobe definitely idolizes Jordan’s career, and the only reason why he’s still hobbling around in the NBA is the slim chance of matching Jordan’s 6 rings, but Kobe is a basketball nerd and studies everybody. Like Dirk’s shooting and Hakeem’s footwork. This year he says he’s trying to play more like Big 3-era Paul Pierce to make up for lost athleticism.

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    Kobe will pass MJ in total points but only after logging about 200 more games played. No doubt about it MJ is the GOAT, but Kobe was a hell of a player.

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    LMAO at your manipulation of the stats. The more shots you take per game the lower your fg% typically yet MJ’s fg% is much higher than Kobe’s.The difference in shots taken is like 163 shots more for MJ, but what you missed is that he made more than 1,000 more shots than Kobe at this point. You can manipulate the stats however you like but if MJ wanted or needed to take more 3s in his career he would have done so. Most explosive basketball player of all-time was easily MJ and Kobe isn’t even close. Also MJ’s defense was vastly superior to Bryant’s. Again your just another young guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Watch the old youtube videos and get a clue!

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    You are an absolute idiot for these comments^^. Well done moron!!!

  • Mike

    You aren’t very intelligent if you think total career points means anything – scoring AVERAGE is what matters. The only reason Kobe is going to match MJ’s point totals is because Jordan only played 14 seasons – Kobe is on season 18. Kobe has played literally hundreds of games more than Jordan (like 300-400) and he STILL hasn’t matched his career point total. It’s because Jordan averaged 31.5ppg as a Bull, while Kobe averages 25ppg as a Laker. Per game average is what matters – Career TOTAL just means you played more years than someone else.

  • Mike

    Terrible reasoning – Kobe has more career assists because he’s played like 500 more games than Jordan. Again, another idiot who can’t understand that CAREER TOTAL has NOTHING TO DO with per game average.

    Someone who averages 1 assist per game but plays 10,000 games will have 10,000 career assists.

    Another player averages 20 assists per game but plays 50 games will have 1,000 career assists. Does that mean that the player who averages 1 per game is a better passer than the one who averages 20 per game?

    That’s exactly the sort of intellectually disabled reasoning your employing the claim that Kobe was a better passer. The same goes for scoring.

    The point is, Jordan had higher averages in literally every statistical category, on offense and defense, other than 3pt %. But he played HUNDREDS fewer games than Kobe because he came into the league at 21, didn’t play his 2nd year with a broken foot, left to play baseball for 2 years in his prime (which would have increased his career point total by 4,500 – 5,000pts if he hadn’t left to play baseball, putting it way out of Kobe’s reach). Claiming that Kobe’s career totals somehow make him as good as Jordan is, quite literally, a retarded argument.

  • Mike

    You’re a total retard. Kobe just set the record for career missed FG tonight. No one in NBA history has missed as many shots as Kobe Bryant.

    And instead of being an idiot and looking at career totals by themselves, let’s take a look at HOW MANY GAMES it took each player to reach 30,000 points:

    1. Wilt Chamberlain – 941 games

    2. Michael Jordan – 960 games

    3. Kareem – 1101 games

    4. Karl Malone – 1152

    5. Kobe Bryant – 1180

    Michael Jordan needed just 19 more games to reach 30,000 than Wilt fucking Chamberlain – that should tell you something.

    Kobe needed 220 more games than MJ, which equates to 7,000 more minutes of game time. OF COURSE he’s going to pass Jordan’s career pt totals – he’s just going to take 300-400 more games than Jordan needed to get there.

  • Mike

    Again, your “total career assists” is a completely retarded argument I’ve dismantled above. So you’re telling me that Michael Jordan has MORE field goal attempts in his career than Kobe? Oh my god, that makes Kobe look even worse haha. Think about what that means – Kobe literally just set the record tonight for more MISSED SHOTS IN NBA HISTORY…… and you’re saying he TOOK fewer shots than Jordan? Guess what that means? It means that Jordan MADE way more shots than Kobe did. Jordan leads the NBA in career FG attempts, while Kobe leads the NBA in MISSED field goals. That’s hilarious. I’d expect Kobe to lead the league in fg attempts, considering he has the most missed shots in NBA history – the fact that he doesn’t means that he misses a LOT more than Jordan did. Jordan took more shots, but made way more of them. That really goes to show how inferior Kobe is.

  • AJ Pierce

    Hein Win Aung you dont know what your talking about. First, of all, you cant even put Lebron in teh same category as Kobe, and MJ. Lebron plays a different position than Kobe and MJ. Second, Lebron is definitely not the closer MJ was or Kobe is. Third, Lebron is nowhere near where the points Kobe or MJ has. Lastly, if you give Kobe or MJ; D-Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, and the rest of that Heat team, it wouldve never taken Mj or Kobe game 7 to win a championship twice, and they definitely wouldve won the championship all them years the Heat went. So dude, you dont know what your Talking about. To get to this Kobe & MJ debate, my favorite player is Kobe, but the best of all time is MJ. Second, yes Kobe took MJ’s moves, but in order to be considered great you have to steal stuff, but you also know how to change it to where ist unstoppable and thats what Kobe did. So, there for Kobe is great. He will probably go down as teh second bets player ever, the first is MJ. He might even surpass MJ as the best.

  • Huge_Lap_Hog

    I have watched the full career of both MJ and KB and each
    one provided their respective generation with an icon and player to emulate. The stats have already been mulled over and it’s clear MJ dominates them so, I won’t get into them further.

    Jordan played in much tougher league. While this past
    decade players kiss and hug each other before and after games, the 80’s and 90’s had teams known for their toughness..Late 80’s Pistons, early 90’s Knicks and Pacers.. all eastern conference teams. Hand checking was allowed, better on ball defenders in MJ’s era.

    Would love to see them play a 1-on-1 in their primes. My bet

    for a best out of 5: Jordan 4, Kobe 1

  • Huge_Lap_Hog

    You is an ignant niggra.. Kobe wouldn’t be shit if he didn’t have all of Jordan’s moves to steal from and MJ was quicker and a better defender, rebounder than Kobe. Kobe would be a typical brotha crying foul every time
    MJ D’d him up on the blacktop.

  • Huge_Lap_Hog

    Numbers Never Lie: http://www.landofbasketball.com/player_comparison/b/kobe_bryant_vs_michael_jordan.htm


    Finals MVP: MJ = 6 KB = 2
    Season MVP: MJ = 5 KB = 1
    Scoring Leader: MJ = 10 KB = 2
    Playoff Stats: MJ’s better in every category