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At NBA 2K15 Event, Harden Reiterates He’s “Best All-Around Player In The NBA”

James Harden 2K Uncensored

NEW YORK — After a sit-down with ESPN’s Scoop Jackson featured James Harden describing himself as the best player alive, Harden reiterated that confident stance while surrounded by USA Basketball teammates, Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis, and former teammate Kevin Durant during the NBA 2K “Uncensored” event in New York City yesterday as part of their promotion for the launch of NBA 2K15 in October.

Host Ernie Johnson, from TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” asked each player what they do best, and Harden unapologetically proclaimed himself the best all-around player while acknowledging Kevin Durant was probably the best scorer, Stephen Curry the best shooter and Anthony Davis the best shot blocker in the Association.

While Harden’s bluster might strike some the wrong way, especially when you look at the numbers and the fact his former Thunder teammate, Durant, is the coverboy for NBA 2K15 and the 2015 NBA MVP, it’s the necessary mentality if he’s going to actually become the best player in the NBA.

Confidence and a strong will are necessary ingredients for any champion, so while many will laugh at Harden’s now-repeated pronouncement, it’s the proper mindset if he’s really hoping to become “the best all-around player in the NBA,” like he stated yesterday.

Do you agree?

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  • 2cents

    In a word. “Nope”.

    But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He said he is the greatest in the game, so lets see him take his team past the 1st round. Lets see him win some more hardware. Lets see him be a leader on his team.

  • Chehabka

    If he played a lick of defense I might take this claim seriously. Get a grip Beard boy

  • Atom

    Best all-around beard? Definitely. Best all-around player? Not close. But I guess you need that confidence if you are going to call your own number as much as he does.

  • JLiu

    haha, I guess defense is not a part of the game

  • Onaje

    I don’t think it isn’t close…James Harden has all the tools to prove his claim, but he has to now step into his own expressed beliefs and prove it…

    He isn’t as inept talent wise on defense as it is a general laziness in his effort to get back to the other end of the floor. He plays the passing lanes well, he is strong enough to battle in the post against bigger guards and most small forwards, and he can move his feet and fight through picks…it is about effort.

    Offensively what can’t he do? (Produce in the playoffs consistently comes to mind) But he get any shot he wants, setup his teammates…he rebounds his position and plays off the ball well…

    It isn’t that far off when it comes to talent, but it is all about mindset and desire…I think today we could say he is a Top 5 difference maker in the L and that is without the defensive consistency….I’m interested in what he brings to the table this year…

    Side Note…Dwight Howard had a great year and a really strong playoff run…he isn’t getting the credit, but if that Dwight comes to play and Harden with this new outward bravado steps up his game to an MVP level…Houston will be a top 4 team in the West.

  • Chandler Parsons

    And he forgot about a guy named Lebron James! even i think Rondo in his prime is a better all round player, how many triple doubles has Rondo got compared to Harden.. Smh

  • cd3382

    Come on Harden…really bro!? You might be in the top ten but that’s even pushing it. I guess LeBron no longer plays in the NBA, huh!? I didn’t know you can play and defend all 5 positions on the court either.

  • Issy Wise

    Self-confidence is quiet and displays in action. Buffoonery is loud self-promoting and obnoxious. This moron can’t even play with the great center on his team. He hasn’t the mental lights to understand what it takes to be a good teammate. His defense sucks. He just one in a 60 plus year parade of “give me the ball and I’ll shoot” dumbasses.

  • LawrenceTalbot

    Harden’s not even a top ten player in the league. He’s atrocious defensively, he’s a crappy leader, and he’s basically only effective from three or in the paint; totally subpar midrange game for a “franchise” level perimeter guy.

  • Jelynn

    I think the question was aimed at the players they were interviewing, Curry, Davis, Durant and Harden hence whey he stated all there names.