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Stephen Curry Says He’s A Better Offensive Player Than LeBron James

Stephen Curry, Chris Bosh

Stephen Curry, Chris Bosh (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

During a radio interview with Dan Patrick, Dubs PG Stephen Curry was asked to field an NFL team of NBA players. We did something similar with soccer last week, and Steph would have put LeBron James at the tight end position while he named himself quarterback. Then Patrick asked him if he was a better offensive player than LeBron James. Steph had never heard the question before, but he said he was.

Believe it or not, LeBron actually had fewer defensive win shares last season than Steph (4.0 vs. 3.7), but we’re not talking about defense. LeBron, by his sheer size alone, is a threat all over the offensive side of the court. Steph is the deadliest shooter in the league with seemingly limitless range and a lightening-quick release where he’s able to a shot in the faintest glimmer of an opening.

While Steph shoots at a ridiculous rate from beyond the arc — 44 percent for his career — and LeBron is a solid 10 percentage points lower for his career, James has worked hard to improve that aspect of his game. He shot 36, 40 and 38 percent from beyond the arc the last three seasons in Miami. Still, if we’re talking shooting, he’s certainly not Steph.

Fast forward to 4:10 in the video for the question.

Then again, Curry can’t make a defense bend the way LeBron does when he goes into the post. James demands a double-team, almost immediately. Then again, Curry thinks he’s got the vision and the ball-handling to get other players involved. So does LeBron, too. Except, Steph averaged almost 2.5 more assists more per game last season.

At the end, as Patrick notes, Curry is the better shooter, no one is even close in terms of accuracy when compared with attempts (he took nearly eight per game last season and knocked down better than 42 percent of them), but for overall offensive ability, James is superior.

Steph wasn’t being brash when he made the remark, just confident. Most NBA players believe they’re the best, and you need that type of confidence to play at the level Steph has over the last one and a half years. The ‘Bron/Steph offensive player argument is a lot closer than we thought when we first heard the comments, which is a testament to Steph and LeBron’s hard work. Steph thinks the story is funny:

(H/T Pro Basketball Talk)

Is Curry a better offensive player than LeBron?

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  • Onaje

    LeBron’s Team Scoring Percentage…even playing with Bosh and Wade (two all-stars) was a league high 68%

    When we are talking about better offensive talent it is certainly level to it…

    Steph is the best shooter in the league right now…James is the most impactful offensive player tho.

  • Nikola Zivanovic

    I guess you’ve heard of Kevin Durant ?

  • Juvet Force

    Kevin who?

  • Juvet Force

    Two of my favorite players in the NBA. LeBron James and Steph Curry. LeBron James is the best all around player. No-brainer. Steph Curry is arguably the best shooter in the NBA. I say LeBron over Curry.

  • Onaje

    Knowing how Kevin Durant is isn’t my issue…that is on the people who pushed this story…My comments stand even if Durant was in the conversation…Team Scoring percentage isn’t close…LeBron is more effective on the offensive end, where guys like Durant and Curry disappear for stretches depending on their matchup and definitely if they can’t do the scoring themselves…

  • Nikola Zivanovic

    Durant and Curry are the clutchest players in NBA, where’s Lebron realy sucks :)

  • Onaje

    What do you mean by clutch though? Winning games or making shots with time running down? If we are talking clutch meaning winning games…especially the ones that matter most. Durant and Curry aren’t in the conversation with LeBron at this point. They have some work to do as the best players on their team that LBJ has already done many times over.

  • Nikola Zivanovic

    I mean clutchest with time running down, because LeBron disappears in fourth quarters, he is scared of taking shots, smtg that Durant can doo in his sleep. Durant is the prolific scorer, better than LeBron, but he lacks defensive ability and passing skills (altrough 5.5 apg isn’t bad for 6′ 10-11″ SF), but he is better in rebounding. The main Durant’s problem is Westbrook, who is also a scorer, and a ball hog. LeBron never had a ball hog in his team so he doesn’t need to take contested shots and he gets the ball when he is open. If Durant played with CP3, Curry or Rondo, he would deffinitely won a ring, but, even with Westbrook he will win one, that’s for sure.

  • Onaje

    I agree with that in part…I think LeBron has shown that he makes the most winning plays in the league right now…just shooting not so much, but attacking the basket or hitting the open man or getting the hockey assist…he is pretty good. I have to find it but this year or last there was a study on who is most clutch and I believe given the criteria LeBron won…But I get what you are saying.