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NBA / Jun 28, 2010 / 12:07 pm

LeBron James Gets His First Ring!

Baldwin. Spike. The Donald. Chris Rock. Boomer. These are just some of the names that are part of the Knicks’ recruiting efforts to bring LeBron to New York. Really, all they need is Baldwin to deliver a Glengarry Glenn Ross-esque speech and LeBron would be hard-pressed to say no.

Based on more recent reports, the Bulls are the clear-cut favorites to land LeBron, and even if it’s not the Bulls, the Knicks’ chances are getting slimmer by the day. But the Knicks have not completely lost all hope Read More »

DimeTV, NBA, Video / Jun 24, 2010 / 5:15 pm

Clip Of The Day: Nate Robinson’s No-Look Goal

At Steve Nash‘s Showdown in Chinatown, Nate Robinson proved that he could play soccer. The funny thing was, Nate wasn’t even slated to appear until he tweeted THIS the day of the event. Next thing we know, Nate’s playing. Before he displayed his skills on the field, he showed us how the two sports could be combined with a nasty no-look pass goal.

NBA / Jun 23, 2010 / 12:30 pm

Help Give John Wall A New Nickname

John Wall

In the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine, John Wall mentions his various nicknames: “Jimmy,” “Great Wall,” “J-Wall” and “Dice.” None of these seem like they’ll actually catch on once Wall begins blowing by people in the NBA, so he needs a new nickname. Fast. Read More »

NBA / Jun 23, 2010 / 10:30 am

Dime Q&A: Tony Parker On World Cup, World Championships & Other Things Worldly

Tony Parker

Last week I attended the Gillette Fusion ProGlide “Ultimate Summer Job” event at the Hudson Hotel, and in addition to the open bar, the event was great. Gillette tapped Tony Parker, Erin Andrews and John Cena to judge which duo would get to travel the country this summer with a $50,000 stipend to try and convince guys along the way to take the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Challenge with their newest razor. As part of the event, I got a professional shave with the new ProGlide and the hype is legitimate. My face is smooth as ever. But more importantly, I caught up with Tony Parker to talk World Cup, World Championships, and other things worldly. Read More »

NBA / Jun 17, 2010 / 7:00 pm

The True Finals MVPs: Andrew Bynum & Kendrick Perkins

NBA Finals

You will hear multiple Game 7 statistics tonight, so let’s get the most important one out of the way: Three other series have gone to seven games with the 2-3-2 format – Pistons/Lakers in 1988, Knicks/Rockets in 1994 and Pistons/Spurs in 2005. The home team won each of those series.

While the most immediate comparison of Celtics/Lakers is Pistons/Spurs in 2005, this year’s Finals have resembled the 1994 Finals more than any other seven game series in history. Read More »

DimeTV, Playground, Video / Jun 16, 2010 / 10:15 am

DimeTV: Opening Night Highlights From EBC at Rucker Park

When I first got to Rucker on Monday night the park wasn’t quite as packed as it has traditionally been on past opening nights. But by the time the opening night of the 2010 EBC at Rucker Park was finished, the crowd was tremendous and we were all treated to a display of insane athleticism. Read More »

NBA / Jun 15, 2010 / 3:00 pm

3 Keys To A Game 6 Lakers Victory

Kobe Bryant

In Game 5, Kobe‘s historical third quarter just wasn’t enough to beat the Celticss. In fact, it wasn’t nearly enough. The Celtics gladly let Kobe score while the entire Celtics team traded buckets with him. If the Lakers played just a little defense in the third, the result would have been different. Instead, as you will see, guest L.A. Times contributor Mike Dunleavy broke down the Lakers defense in Game 5. Here are the three keys to ensuring that Dunleavy does not write an article tomorrow on what the Lakers must do this offseason. Read More »

Playground, Video / Jun 15, 2010 / 12:30 pm

Anthony “Africa” Pimble Throws Down At EBC at Rucker Park

After missing a couple of dunks early, Anthony “Africa” Pimble set the tone for the rest of the summer at EBC at Rucker Park last night. Africa, later dubbed “Disrespectful” for his disregard of anyone in his path to the basket, threw down this insane two-handed 360 windmill as time was winding down. As you can imagine, the crowd went berserk. Look out for the recap of last night and videos of the legendary Larry “Bone Collector” Williams later today.

Read More »

NBA / Jun 14, 2010 / 4:00 pm

Forget Cap Space, Push The LeBron Button

The LeBron Button

I’m from New York, and I’m as sick of it as you are. I am not even sure that if Jesus was part of the 2010 free agent class he would get as much attention as LeBron (even though he’d still get a max-contract). Still, there are some pretty creative efforts going on around the country to bring LBJ to a city near you. First stop, New York. Read More »

NBA / Jun 13, 2010 / 9:21 am

Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers and Inspired Moments in the NBA Finals

Although the Chicago Bulls easily dismissed the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1991 Eastern Conference Semifinals, 4-1, Sixers forward Armen Gilliam was giving both Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant fits in the post. But as Phil Jackson wrote in Sacred Hoops:

In an inspired moment, I decided to throw Scott Williams, then an untested rookie, at Gilliam, and it worked. To keep Scott from losing his composure in the closing minutes of the game, I told Jordan to keep his eye on him. From then on, Scott, who like Michael is a North Carolina alum, became Jordan’s personal project. All because I refused to play the game by the book. Read More »