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NBA, sponsored01 / Feb 28, 2014 / 10:00 am

5 Of The Smoothest NBA Players Of All Time

Walt "Clyde" Frazier Rolls Royce

It’s hard to boil down to a simple, empirical definition, especially when we’re talking about basketball, so what constitutes a “smooth” NBA player? Any sort of ranking is subjective because smooth is an impression rather than a concrete fact. But we do know a smooth NBA player is one who knows who and what they are. Once a player is comfortable with themselves, both on and off the court, they can let their hair down a little bit. These five players knew exactly who they were, and their unfettered stylings turned them into progenitors of the cool that’s infused the game and the basketball lifestyle into the millennium. Read More »

Ink / Feb 25, 2014 / 2:00 pm

3 Current NBA Players With The Most Tattoos

J.R. Smith

To celebrate the New Season of Ink Master, premiering tonight at 10/9c on Spike, the show is sponsoring “Tattoo Bracket 2014.” Vote on your favorite tattoos for your chance to win a trip for 2 to SXSW. Vote HERE before it’s too late! If you’re too embarrassed by your own tattoo to submit, just think of these 3 NBA players who have turned their entire bodies into a tattoo artist’s panorama. Read More »

NBA / Jan 31, 2014 / 3:15 pm

Who’s Better: Paul George Or Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony, Paul George

Take away LeBron and KD and Carmelo Anthony has been the best player at his position. For the last few years, his grip on that spot was strong. Not anymore.

Thanks to his status as the best player on the East’s best team, as well as remarkable improvements, Indiana’s Paul George is now an All-Star starter, an MVP candidate and perhaps one of the game’s best players. Read More »

NBA, Smack / Jan 31, 2014 / 1:00 pm

Win The Ultimate Spring Break Contest While Playing Fantasy Basketball

Miami Heat, Pat Riley

Spring time in the NBA calendar is when champions are forged in the furnace of the playoffs. Why not kick back and relax on Panama City Beach while NBA players are killing themselves to capture glory? With the Ultimate Spring Break Contest, by, you’ll be soaking in the sun as a champion while NBA stars try and do the same. Read More »

NBA / Jan 28, 2014 / 4:15 pm

Who’s Better: John Wall Or Eric Bledsoe?

John Wall

Can the student ever truly become the master? Jedi mind tricks aside, don’t be confusing anything: during his recruitment of Kentucky’s famed 2009 freshmen class, John Calipari straight up told Eric Bledsoe he’d never play point guard with John Wall, and straight up told him he’d never be the star, instead offering a secondary role that could limit his exposure. A few years later, Bledsoe ended up in Los Angeles, backing up Chris Paul, and had to be content with once-a-week SportsCenter highlights in blowout Clippers win. Read More »

NBA / Dec 18, 2013 / 3:30 pm

Which Team Has Been A Bigger Bust This Year: Cleveland Or Memphis?

Dion Waiters

With everyone so focused on the double travesties going down in the Big Apple — New York is ready to can Mike Woodson and Brooklyn has resorted to all types of shady practices involving soda to try to win games — two other underachievers have gotten away relatively unscathed. Cleveland was supposed to be one of the up-and-coming teams in the East this year. Instead, in one of the worst conferences we’ve ever seen, they’re still just 9-15 and out of the playoff picture. Read More »

NBA / Dec 10, 2013 / 5:00 pm

Who’s Better: Al Horford Or Serge Ibaka?

Al Horford

While Al Horford and Serge Ibaka are in very different situations, they’re both often asked to provide the same things for their teams. Horford might score a little more and Ibaka might blocks a few more shots but they’re both athletic, strong two-way players that have more skill than anyone ever seems to give them credit for. Read More »

NBA / Dec 6, 2013 / 12:30 pm

Who’s Better: John Wall Or Mike Conley?

John Wall

John Wall has the Wizards up to 9-9. Washington is getting it all from Wall. At 19 points, 9.2 assists and 2.3 steals per game, he’s on his way to the All-Star Game. Finally, right? While it seems as though Wall’s long-awaited breakout is happening at last, there’s another point guard who’s waited even longer for recognition. Read More »

NBA / Nov 26, 2013 / 4:15 pm

Who’s Better: Carmelo Anthony Or Kevin Love?

Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony have to be two of the NBA’s best “flawed” superstars. On one hand, Love looks to be an MVP candidate this year and is one of the league’s most unstoppable stat-stuffers, repeatedly putting up lines like the one he had against the Clippers earlier this season: 23 points, 19 rebounds, seven assists and four three-pointers. Yet he hasn’t quite reached superstar status because of injuries, his defensive struggles and Minnesota’s repeated failures to meet expectations. Read More »

NBA / Nov 26, 2013 / 11:15 am

Who’s Better: DeMarcus Cousins Or Anthony Davis?

DeMarcus Cousins

Their teams might be a combined 10-16 in the rugged Western Conference but young stars Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are playing like All-Stars. Both are redefining the power positions in the NBA and with PERs that rank second (Davis at 28.62) and seventh (Cousins at 24.65, per Hollinger) in the league, we’ve all been put on notice: they’re franchise cornerstones. Read More »