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College / Apr 12, 2012 / 12:00 pm

Shabazz Muhammad Puts UCLA Back On The Map

Shabazz Muhammad

Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul. What do these guys have in common? Besides sharing the spotlight for hoops royalty in the basketball city that is Los Angeles, Black Mamba and CP3 possess the same unrelenting will to be the best at the expense of anyone in order to project the ultimate trait every team needs to succeed: an assassin. Read More »

NBA / Apr 10, 2012 / 1:00 pm

The Top 5 Current/Former NBA Players Who Would Make Great Team Owners

Penny Hardaway

As Kentucky’s championship celebration from Bourbon Street to Lexington drew to an end, baseball’s Opening Day debuted this past weekend. In between the taste of alcohol in N’awlins and smell of hot dogs filling the lazy summer days at the ballpark, the Los Angeles Dodgers are now relevant again thanks to one of the city’s own original caretakers: Magic Johnson. He became the first African-American owner of a MLB team and instantly the face of one of the most iconic franchises in sports history. Read More »

Featured Gallery, Latest News, NBA / Mar 16, 2012 / 11:00 am

The Top 5 Winners & Losers From The NBA’s 2012 Trade Deadline

Monta Ellis

The 3 p.m., March 15 trade deadline has come and gone as fast as your brackets will be busted by this weekend’s end. Most cats around the league can now breathe easy, knowing they haven’t been dealt and can focus on the remaining part of the schedule. Others, however, must deal with the reality they were shipped out like yesterday’s garbage. Either way, this a time for them to regroup and stop commenting on every rumor that appears on blogs and Twitter. Read More »

NBA / Mar 9, 2012 / 3:00 pm

Where’s Jerry Maguire? 5 NBA Players That Need To Change Teams

O.J. Mayo

Teams are scrambling to make moves to beat the March 15 trade deadline. GMs are on the phone longer and harder than Jerry Maguire trying to keep Rod Tidwell as a client. Guys around the league have this date marked in their calendars, wary about if they’ve got to pack their bags and families to relocate somewhere else.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of media outlets that cover 24-hour trade rumors, seven days a week. More than likely, cats will wind up finding out they were dealt via text, tweet, Facebook status update, or hashtag first instead of receiving the news by a simple, courteous phone call from their former squad. Read More »

NBA / Mar 7, 2012 / 12:00 pm

The 5 NBA Teams That Must Make A Move At The Trade Deadline

Raymond Felton

The clock is ticking. As if this compressed season hasn’t gone by fast enough, the NBA’s trade deadline is approaching as fast as Kobe deciding to pull-up for a jumper. March 15 marks the last possible day that teams can trade cats to either improve their shot to make a real title run or look to revamp their squads with an eye towards the future. As basketball fans, we all love to discuss trade scenarios probably more so than the actual play at hand. Now it’s time for GMs to get on the phone and make something happen. Read More »

All-Star, NBA / Feb 16, 2012 / 11:01 am

The 4 Players Who Should’ve Been In The 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Russell Westbrook

The field is set for the 2012 NBA Dunk Contest, and… Jeremy Lin will be there! Ah, not what you might expect though. He’s been included to be the helper for his teammate, Iman Shumpert. Joining Shumpert in the dunking field will be Chase Budinger, Derrick Williams and Paul George. Underwhelming? As SBNation’s Mike Prada tweeted, these four are tied for 41st, 45th, 97th and 149th in dunks this season. That doesn’t mean it’ll be a weak contest, but it’s leaning that way. Read More »

NBA / Jan 10, 2012 / 11:00 am

Why Chris Paul Will Win The NBA MVP

Chris Paul

Thus far, the general consensus on NBA MVP candidates are the usual suspects: Kevin Durant, LeBron James and even Derrick Rose to repeat. ESPN and Sports Illustrated recently surveyed their panel of hoops experts to predict who will win the MVP. 23 out of 30 and six out of seven chose either KD or LeBron to win it, respectively. When the likelihood of a season was at its bleakest during the lockout — even here at Dime — the popular candidates of KD and Blake Griffin were given the nod for Fantasy MVP and SportsCenter MVP, respectively. However, don’t get it twisted, though. Sean Sweeney was on to something when he deemed the Los Angeles Clippers as “The People’s Champion”. Read More »

NBA / Dec 25, 2011 / 7:00 am

The NBA’s Top 10 Most Underrated Matchups On Christmas Day

Ray Allen

As the entire basketball universe will be fixated to their TVs today to finally witness this season commence, there are several underrated gifts under the Christmas tree to unwrap as well. While the league’s brightest stars will be going at it throughout the five-game docket, every hoops junkie should also pay attention to some of the other battles that’ll take place. Kind of like those unexpected cash envelopes you receive from your distant aunt, uncle, or grandparents, the following 10 matchups will surely not disappoint. Read More »