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Latest News, NBA / Jun 12, 2012 / 11:45 am

Metta World Peace Is Going To Star In A Lifetime Movie

Ron Artest's Stand-Up Comedy Debut

Metta World Peace is back to doing Ron Artest things. According to TV Guide, the Lakers’ always entertaining small forward has decided to share his talents with the middle-aged women of America, as he recently accepted a role to star in, that’s right, a Lifetime movie.

World Peace will play the role of detective Garlan Finch in a movie adaptation of Nancy Grace’s novel, “The Eleventh Victim.” So why would World Peace choose Lifetime? The more appropriate question, it seems, is why a breathing human being would actively seek out World Peace for an acting role. Although, to be fair, his entire persona feels contrived, because it’s hard to believe a person would consciously live as he does. So maybe acting really is a talent of his. Read More »