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A Perfect Finale: The Air Jordan 14

Air Jordan 14

A tree branch had smashed into a fence, leaving a gash in the railing. Pots in upheaval. Dirt scattered. Bushes and shrubbery laid out across the street like a giant puzzle. The tornado had done its work.

But inside, a television was on. It was Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, the final game of “The Last Dance.” There were six people: four adults and two boys, and the only voice in the room belonged to Bob Costas. Read More »

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Happy Birthday Michael Jordan! His 10 Greatest Sneakers Ever

Air Jordan XI

No matter how much we try to compare players to him, there will never be another Michael Jordan. The way he transcended the game of basketball onto a global platform is unique to that of any individual athlete. Michael Jordan is the reason many of us love the game of basketball today. But aside from us basketball junkies, Jordan did the exact same for sneakerheads across the globe. With his legendary career & Tinker Hatfield‘s mastermind design skills, Michael Jordan changed the shoe game forever. Through a span of about 15 years Jordan Brand emerged as the pinnacle of sneaker excellence. Read More »