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Mixtaped: How And1 Changed The Way We Watch And Think About Basketball

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 6

Before the turn of the millennium, something happened that would alter the basketball landscape for the entire decade to come. It would change the way fans think about the sport, the manner in which we consume it, and it would spawn whole cottage industries of hoops that few of us could have imagined or predicted. It was the arrival of the And1 Mixtape Volume 1. Read More »

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AND1 Tournament Adds Teams from Stephen Jackson & Hip-Hop Icon Juelz Santana

Stephen Jackson

The AND1 Mixtape craze might not be what it once was, but streetball players with some handles and hops are still getting love this summer. Enter the inaugural 12-team, $100,000, winner-take-all Summer Remix Tournament from AND1. That’s the biggest cash prize in streetball history, and it was just revealed that teams from NBA vet Stephen Jackson and hip-hop icon Juelz Santana will be involved. Read More »

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Happy Birthday, Skip 2 My Lou! Watch His 10 Greatest Moves

Rafer Alston

Rafer Alston, Dime #34

Rafer Alston aka Skip 2 My Lou is widely considered one of the best streetball players of all time. As a youngster, he built his legend on the playgrounds of New York City, but unlike a majority of his AND1 cohorts, Rafer was able to make the leap to the NBA. He had a respectable journeyman’s career with the Bucks, Nets, Raptors, Rockets, Heat and Magic. (He even made it to the NBA Finals in 2009 with the Magic) Most recently, Alston has been traveling with the Ball Up Streetball Tour. In honor of Skip’s birthday, we bring you some of the most memorable moments of his career. Read More »

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Shawn Kemp, Lance Stephenson & Celeb Musicians Captain Teams For And1 Summer Remix Tournament

Shawn Kemp, Lance Stephenson (photo. @rumle_h & @stephensonlance)

Former Supersonics (RIP) and Cavs forward, Shawn Kemp, current Pacers swingman, Lance Stephenson plus musicians, Jermaine Dupri, Michael Bivins and Rico Love, will captain teams in what’s being billed as the largest cash prize streetball event in history: The And1 Summer Remix Basketball Tournament. Read More »

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New Lifestyle Brand Called Hoop Culture Strikes a Chord With Ballplayers

Hoop Culture

This game is my life.

A strong and powerful phrase that resonates with the most sincere basketball players, both young and old. That same phrase is as old as the game itself. But the now three-year-old basketball brand Hoop Culture did something as simple as putting that phrase on a t-shirt. Now, basketball players around the world love them for it. Read More »

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We Reminisce: The AND1 Mixtape Craze

AND1 Mixtape Vol. 6

If you were born in the ’90s (or maybe the ’80s), there is one strong basketball memory you have. It’s not watching Charles Barkley‘s comedic displays on the TNT Thursday NBA broadcasts. It’s not Dick Vitale hooting and hollering about how awesome college basketball is. It’s not Stuart Scott‘s “BOO-YAH” or block party invitations for Pookie and Ray-Ray on SportsCenter. Read More »

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Dime Q&A: Lance Stephenson On His Basketball Ascension In Indiana

Lance Stephenson

In New York City, the name Lance Stephenson is one that many would say will live forever. His success as a teenager at Lincoln High School put him in the limelight early. As his game progressed and he was drafted into the NBA in 2010, many thought the Indiana Pacers got a steal, despite character concerns that followed him into the league. Read More »