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NBA Players Respond After The Release Of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5

The new Grand Theft Auto 5 was released yesterday, and a lot of NBA players are touting it’s tripartite POV narration as well as other assorted features of the Rockstar classic. We’ve given you its trailer already, but lets hear from the NBA players that have already spent most of yesterday hooked on its immersive world during the last few weeks of the offseason. Read More »

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The Top 10 NBA Rookie Of The Year Candidates, Vol. 7

Andrew Nicholson

The time has come for our first Rookie Ladder after the NBA All-Star break. The second half of the season has begun and a lot has happened in the first two weeks. While some guys have struggled since the break, other guys have really picked it up. Read More »

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Fantasy Basketball: The Week’s Best Pickups (12.26)

Kawhi Leonard

FRESH PICKINGS: Kawhi Leonard (56 percent owned in Yahoo!, 68 percent in ESPN) After singing Kawhi Leonard’s praises a few weeks ago, he did me dirty by taking a little extra time to heal his bum knee. Now back in action, he put up 17 points, four rebounds, two assists, five steals and three treys in his first start back. In fantasy, Kawhi is a steals specialist, and while he isn’t going to wow you in any other category, he’s not going to hurt you anywhere either. Read More »

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The Grizzlies’ Matchup Nightmare Blows Up The Knicks; Portland’s Duo Outshines James Harden

Zach Randolph (photo. Nike)

One day after New York stayed as the NBA’s last unbeaten team by being selfless and smart (and ridiculously accurate from range), Memphis usurped the Knicks as the NBA’s best team right now by luring them in, then springing the trap. Start spreading the news: Memphis, owner of a seven-game win streak, is mowing down the league’s best teams like the hero of a Tarantino film. Just 10 percent of the season in the Griz are 7-1, but it’s still apt to be cautious about being too effusive with praise. Still, how can anyone deny these signature wins the Griz have just rattled off in their last three games: an 18-point win over Miami, a 10-point win in Oklahoma City and Friday night’s 105-95 win over New York that wasn’t as close as the score looks. Read More »

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Dwight Howard Makes His Lakers Debut; Amar’e Stoudemire and the Knicks Are Already Breaking Down

Dwight Howard

The Kings did many things right Sunday night, from outscoring the Lakers bench 57-18, to getting Tyreke Evans involved, to Thomas Robinson‘s electrifying, gravity-defying putback slam over Dwight Howard. It all coalesced into a win at Staples Center in front of a sold-out crowd — not that anyone noticed, there or anywhere else. Read More »

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Anthony Davis Is Voted Most Popular; Virginia Beach Wants The Kings

photo. Ishaan Mishra/Getty Images

LeBron James‘ jaw-dropping year has been much discussed around these parts, not just for his accomplishments, but the scale of them. You know the list by now, with its various MVPs and gold-plated championship accoutrements. This year’s NBA rookie class is looking at what Anthony Davis has accomplished in the last year and believes he won’t be stopped either. The NCAA title, an all-time freshman blocks record, first pick in the draft and an Olympic gold medal are quite the haul for the lanky, 6-11 forward in New Orleans, especially one who wasn’t Mr. All-World Everything out of high school. Read More »

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The Dwight Howard Trade’s Top 5 Winners

Evan Turner

It’s possible the biggest group of winners in the trade of Dwight Howard to Los Angeles are the Magic fans. At least, at first, until they realize trades with Houston and Brooklyn would have been more beneficial and brought a big man as an immediate Howard replacement. But the deal is done, and relative peace of mind has come to not only central Florida, but the rest of the NBA, because talk of the Dwightmare was over when David Stern’s signed off on the trade. The talk of the last 10 months that was once all about Howard being fed up will now become about a possible Los Angeles super team — but if that’s no consolation to you consider at least it’s about basketball, not attitudes. Orlando’s fed-up fans won’t be the only winners, though: Here are the picks of the five directly involved who came out the best. Read More »

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The Top 10 Rookies Who Will Have The Biggest Roles In 2012-13

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

The learning curve for rookies is a sliding scale even if every rook enters the NBA dreaming of 20 and 10 a night. Only eight rookies in 2011-12 averaged more than 10 points per game. The guy who becomes the rookie of the year is one of the few whose role can make or break his team, but there’s a huge gap in the roles the rookies will be asked to tackle. While many will be given scraps of playing time, these are the 10 who will be asked to do the most in their first year in the NBA. Read More »

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Video: Stories Of The NBA Summer League

Andrew Nicholson

There were a lot of great storylines in this year’s NBA Summer Leagues. But the NBA has chosen first to highlight Andre Drummond, Andrew Nicholson and Tyshawn Taylor. The three of them couldn’t be anymore different either. Drummond is expected to be a project who isn’t expected to be ready for a few years while Nicholson doesn’t have the same type of potential, but IS ready to play right now. Then there’s Taylor, a very talented player who could be a huge sleeper this year, or might end up in the D-League. All of them have great stories, and they all excelled this summer. Read More »

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Indiana Will Keep Roy Hibbert; Lou Williams Goes Home To Atlanta

Roy Hibbert

The Roy-Hibbert-to-Portland talk that began as soon as free agency began July 1 is now dead, according to ESPN. It seemed quizzical to us why Portland was adamant as soon as yesterday it was going to offer him a max deal of four years and $58 million. After considering what life without a nice, developing big would have been like, the Pacers decided to match any offer for him. By not offering Hibbert, the Blazers can go after Nicolas Batum‘s offer sheet. Minnesota is trying to compile a Portland reunion and will offer Batum a big deal. The Blazers would have had the first year of Hibbert’s salary put on their cap for next season if they’d offered him. Without that money now, Portland can be a little more flexible about its positioning. … Read More »