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Playground, Video / Aug 27, 2010 / 9:30 am

D.C. vs. Philly in the playground battle of the summer

The final stop on the Red Bull 2on2 Revolution tour showcased the deepest talent pool of the summer. Between D.C. playground legends Andrew “SpongeBob” Washington and Omar Weaver, overseas pros like Isaiah Swann, and defending 2on2 champions from Philly and Baltimore, it was a perfect way to cap the summer run. Check out the video below to see how Philly’s “No Mercy” won their second straight Red Bull championship.

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Playground / Aug 23, 2010 / 12:30 pm

Basketball Speaks Universal Language for Deaf Duo in D.C.

Jon Mowl of Team Staples

As cliche as it sounds, basketball really does produce its own unique, universal language. In any given NBA game, you might see a five-man unit composed of one player who speaks French, another who speaks Spanish, another who speaks German, and two more who speak their own regional dialects of English — and yet they can still communicate fluidly and win games at the sport’s highest level.

When the Red Bull 2on2 Revolution tour stopped in Washington D.C. this past weekend for its finale, the old cliche was on display. Stephen Da Silva and Jon Mowl, who teamed up under the name “Staples,” are both deaf and don’t wear hearing aids. Read More »

Playground / Aug 22, 2010 / 1:42 pm

“No Mercy” Goes Back-to-Back at D.C.’s Playground Mecca


Over the last three stops of the Red Bull 2on2 Revolution tour, Philly became a dynasty.

When the tourney made its way to the City of Brotherly Love on July 31, hometown squad “E2″ won the crown. The next week in Baltimore, E2 lost in the semifinals to “No Mercy,” another Philly tandem that went on to win the title on unfamiliar turf. And in the tour’s finale yesterday in Washington D.C., No Mercy and E2 battled through some of D.C.’s biggest playground legends, legit pros, and recent college stars to meet up in the championship, where No Mercy — Tyrone “Redz” Hill and DeSean White — claimed the $2,000 check and prizes from Skull Candy, Kicker and Power Balance.

Hands down, D.C. produced the deepest talent pool of any of the five Red Bull tournament stops. Andrew “SpongeBob” Washington, former Florida State star Isaiah Swann, Harlem Globetrotters alumnus Will “Butta Bean” Peters, NBA D-League veteran Mike Mackell, and Omar Weaver — the leading scorer in D.C.’s famed Goodman League — were among the local standouts in action at the district’s Barry Farms Rec Center park. Throw in the collection of D-1 caliber players and overseas pros who came from previous Red Bull cities to compete, and this was the toughest field we’ve seen all summer. Read More »

Playground / Aug 20, 2010 / 10:19 am

D.C. Playground King “SpongeBob” Is Giving NBA Stars 40 Per Game

SpongeBob Washington

In the pantheon of playground basketball nicknames — “The Destroyer,” “The Ice Man,” “The Terminator” — the moniker “SpongeBob” doesn’t quite conjure images of intimidation and savage bucketry. But anybody who has spilled sweat and busted blisters on the toughest courts of Washington D.C. in recent years knows that nicknames can be deceiving.

Andrew Washington, a.k.a. “SpongeBob,” is the reigning king of D.C. streetball. Read More »