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NBA / Jan 24, 2014 / 5:00 pm

The 20 Biggest Wastes Of Talent In The NBA

Hasheem Thabeet

Every name in this list had the potential to be stars in the NBA but have yet to — or will never — reach it. The list includes players drafted high that were expected to develop into quality professionals and have failed to do so. Most of these players have showed signs of success at times but have not lived up to expectations so far in their career, whether it’s injuries that are the culprits, or perhaps a messy attitude. Read More »

NBA, Video / Apr 24, 2013 / 1:42 am

Harrison Barnes Throws Down a Monster Reverse Dunk

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NBA / Apr 23, 2013 / 3:00 pm

The Western Conference’s Most Disappointing Players This Season

Lamar Odom

Continuing our two-part series on the most disappointing players this season, we’re shining the light on the Western Conference, where there were lots of underwhelming performances. Again, in fairness, those who were injured for the majority of the season were not included. Read More »

NBA, Video / Mar 24, 2013 / 2:27 pm

DeMarcus Cousins Puts Anthony Randolph on a Poster

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Latest News, NBA / Oct 2, 2012 / 2:00 pm

Minnesota’s Not Sold On Brandon Roy, But Is Happy Two Are Gone

Brandon Roy

There may not be a more fascinating front office than Minnesota’s, where GM David Kahn has been a lightning rod of criticism ever since 2009, when he succeeded Kevin McHale. He drafted Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn with consecutive picks in the same 2009 NBA Draft and gave Darko Milicic a $20 million contract, but also kept Kevin Love in uniform until at least 2015. This offseason was no different in Minneapolis, either. Most interesting are the doubts and decisions stemming from the latest moves from inside the organization itself. Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Jul 20, 2012 / 4:00 pm

Kevin Love Is Happy That The T-Wolves Have Rid Themselves Of “Bad Blood”

Kevin Love

The Minnesota Timberwolves have made multiple additions by subtraction this offseason: Anthony Randolph, Michael Beasley, Darko Milicic, Martell Webster. Kevin Love has no reservations acknowledging this, citing the “bad blood” that previously infested the team. Read More »

NBA, Video / Jul 3, 2012 / 4:30 pm

Jason Terry’s Top 5 Plays As A Maverick

Now that Jason Terry’s time with the Dallas Mavericks is reportedly coming to a close, we thought we would recall his best plays as a Maverick. Even though Dirk was the key cog in the Dallas wheel, Terry was always there, providing a spark off the bench and relieving some of the scoring pressure. There’s no doubt there were many great plays during his eight-year run with the Mavs, as he was a key ingredient in Dallas’ 2006 Finals squad and 2011 championship team. But we’ve narrowed it down to five, so check them out as we count them down. Read More »

Smack / Jul 1, 2012 / 12:01 am

Dwight Howard Still Wants Out Of Orlando; Kevin Garnett Returns To Boston

Dwight Howard

*Incoming phone call by Dwight Howard* If you’re Rob Hennigan in your first two weeks on the job as Orlando’s GM, this is a call you don’t want to take. This is the call everyone knows where you just look at the ID for a couple seconds as you decide. Or, maybe if you’re Hennigan you’re psyched to take it because you have all this Oklahoma City front-office confidence and after all didn’t Howard just say he wanted to stay near Disneyworld? Yeah, he did say that last season at the trade deadline — and now, he’s told Hennigan he wants a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that news Saturday night and even if it’s a a walk back from his last stance, it’s not a surprise with Howard, you know? Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Apr 20, 2012 / 11:15 am

Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 4.20

Danny Granger

Beast of the Night: Danny Granger notched 29 points, five rebounds, one assist, one steal, one block and four three-pointers last night. He shot 35 percent (7-20) from the floor and 100 percent (11-11) from the free-throw line, and had one turnover. For the season, Granger has pretty much fulfilled expectations by putting up top 30 numbers. So far in April, he’s averaging 23.1 points, 5.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 0.6 steals, 0.6 blocks and 2.9 threes per game, while shooting 48 percent from the field and 96 percent from the free-throw line. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Apr 16, 2012 / 11:00 am

Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 4.16 (Weekend Recap)

Wesley Matthews

Weekend Wonder: Wesley Matthews averaged 23.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 2.0 steals, 0.5 blocks and 4.5 three-pointers in two games over the weekend. He hit 50 percent of his shots from the field and 100 percent of his shots from the charity stripe, and averaged 2.5 turnovers in each of those games. Matthews has struggled with major bouts of inconsistency this season, but he’s still maintained top 60 value, mostly thanks to his strong three-point making (1.9 per game) and thieving (1.4 per game). Read More »