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NBA, We Reminisce / Aug 14, 2012 / 12:30 pm

We Reminisce: Magic Johnson’s Game-Winning Sky-Hook In The 1987 NBA Finals

Magic Johnson Hook Shot

It’s Magic Johnson‘s birthday today, so we wish him well. It’s crazy to think that one of the top five players ever is turning 53 today. We can rehash the championships, the glory, the highlight reel passes and the girls, of course. But what I’ll always remember is the artistry. Because Magic didn’t just play the game of basketball, executing plays and passing it to the open man. But it wasn’t that he was trying to play with a particular flair, either, although some of his niftier dimes definitely had that feel. No, it was about patrolling the court, pupeteering every player around him, owning the game without owning the game. Read More »