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Incredible Video: The Secret 6-10 Point Guard Drawing NBA GMs to Greece

Giannis Antetokoumpo

Elite basketball players are physically evolving faster than any creature to ever walk the earth … and the next level of the species has arrived. Meet Giannis Antetokoumpo, an 18-year old, 6-10 Greek point guard with Nigerian roots. Recently discovered by NBA GMs, he could suddenly end up being the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft. Read More »

NBA / Oct 15, 2012 / 1:00 pm

Toronto’s NBA Future Begins With One Rookie: Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas Valanciunas

“Yes, Pip, dear boy, I’ve made a gentleman of you.” – Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Toronto Raptors rookie center, Jonas Valanciunas, is, in the words of Charles Dickens, “a young fellow of great expectations.” Read More »

NBA / Jan 2, 2012 / 11:00 am

Toronto GM: Chris Bosh Is No Franchise Cornerstone

Chris Bosh

For the first seven years of his career in Toronto, Chris Bosh had five seasons averaging at least 22 points a night, and went for 20/10 averages three different times. Last night in Miami’s 39-point execution of Charlotte, the four man hit the ‘Cats for 24 points and 10 rebounds and is now shooting an incredible 57 percent from the floor this season. Despite never winning a playoff series, he did take the Purple Dinosaurs to the playoffs twice. And yet this weekend in The Boston Globe, Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo admitted he wasn’t a franchise cornerstone, and that the way Bosh bounced left the Raptors without much chance at getting equal value. Read More »

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Dime Q&A: Kathy Anderson Is The Funniest Woman In Sports

Kathy Anderson

It’s a simple idea, really. Writing funny songs about sports. Current Toronto resident Kathy Anderson does exactly that on SongsAboutSports.com. Let me be the first to tell you that she’s got a knack for it. Although she grew up watching hockey, Kathy is no stranger to basketball or the pain of Chris Bosh‘s departure. Or the fact that he looks like Raptor. Or the fact that Andrea Bargnani can’t rebound. Or that Nate Robinson tweets way too much. In fact, she’s written songs about all of these things. In a recent interview, I caught up with Kathy to discuss Songs About Sports, her hoops career and why the Raptors need to have an all-European team. Read More »

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Behind The Scenes At The NBA Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year. No, it wasn’t my birthday or the night I bet my buddy that Dirk Nowitzki would go H.A.M. Rather, last night was the 27th annual NBA Draft Lottery at the NBA Entertainment Studios in Secaucus, N.J. (And if you know me, it takes a special occasion to willingly travel across the river.) With Commissioner David Stern in the house along with representatives from the 12 teams in the Lottery, go behind the scenes to relive the experience. Read More »

NBA / Apr 19, 2011 / 2:00 pm

Andrea Bargnani And The Raptors Are At A Crossroads

Andrea Bargnani

Maybe the Raptors have finally smartened up. After a year where Toronto was basically forced to play leading scorer Andrea Bargnani in the middle for the majority of the season, the Toronto Sun is reporting that Raptors president/general manager Bryan Colangelo is making it his number-one priority to find a rugged center to stick next to Bargnani: Read More »

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Pass The Mic: It May Finally Be Time To “Free Steve Nash”

Steve Nash

Words. Dave Dulberg

During a troubling time in the state’s sports scene, Arizona’s aficionados are comforted by the grace in his fadeaway jump shot, the unnatural ease by which he floats through the lane and the work ethic he puts on display hours before the US Airways Center is even near capacity. Steve Nash isn’t just a two-time MVP or a seven-time All-Star, he’s the face of not only a fading Phoenix Suns team, but of a city whose professional sports identity has withered away in recent years as iconic stars like Luis Gonzalez, Randy Johnson and Kurt Warner quietly walked away when their ticking clocks finally wound down.

But with Nash’s Suns falling further behind in the Western Conference standings (15-21), currently sitting in the uncomfortable position of 11th place, where does Suns owner Robert Sarver and Co. go from here? Perhaps Chris Webber was right: It may finally be time to “Free Steve Nash.” Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Dec 21, 2010 / 12:00 pm

Natural Disaster: It’s Time To Put Up Or Shut Up In Phoenix

Steve Nash

The Phoenix Suns have rolled through three general managers, three coaches and a slew of All-Stars and talented role players since 2005. After the sale of the franchise from long-time sports owner Jerry Colangelo to businessman Robert Sarver, this question looms: How much time does a team under new ownership need to settle down?

Composing winning teams in the NBA means team ownership must pair talented players with adaptable coaches. But championship-caliber teams keep those pieces static. Retaining players and coaches requires that the ownership have patience and trust in everyone in the organization –- no panicking allowed. Read More »

NBA / Jul 29, 2010 / 10:00 am

The Raptors May Be Playing In The Euroleague Next Season


If you’ve ever seen a Euroleague basketball game, then you know the roster is littered with foreign talent and a few American players. By the looks of the NBA’s lone foreign franchise, the Raptors continue to go that route. After Toronto acquired David Andersen yesterday from Houston for cash and a future second-round draft pick, that brings their total of foreign-born players to six. Read More »

NBA / Jul 8, 2010 / 11:15 am

Toronto Doesn’t Want Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley

What’s it like to feel unwanted? Ask Michael Beasley. Miami has been doing whatever they can to rid themselves of his contract for the past year or so, and no one seems to want him.

New Jersey wouldn’t take him for Keyon Dooling. Now, Toronto doesn’t want him either. Read More »