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NBA / May 7, 2013 / 4:00 pm

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, The Celtics & The Craziest Trade Rumor You’ve Heard This Year

Kevin Garnett

When Danny Ainge first acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen back in 2007, the new Big Three, in theory, was providing the Celtics with a three-year championship window. After going one for two in their title appearances in their first three years, Ainge decided to keep the window cracked open for another three years after not biting on potential deals. Read More »

NBA / Apr 25, 2013 / 12:00 pm

The Top 5 Times Tim Duncan Got Dunked On In The NBA Playoffs

Tim Duncan (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

Today is Tim Duncan’s birthday. As we were combing through our archives looking for some of our best Timmy posts to add to the celebration, we found this one from last year and couldn’t resist the re-post.

And while we’re at it, also see:

Duncan’s place in this ranking of the 10 Best NBA Players Since 2000 and his spot in among the best power forwards of this generation.

Last night on TNT’s “Inside The NBA” – R.I.P. until next season by the way – Shaquille O’Neal ran down his list of the best dunks of the postseason. If you hadn’t heard Kenny and Chuck running their mouths, you would’ve assumed it was a “best of Tim Duncan getting yammed on.” It seemed like every other play ended with Spalding imprinted on the forehead of San Antonio’s anchor. It was funny, until I went back and looked at some tape and realized, “Oh my god, Tim Duncan really did get dunked on almost every game in the playoffs!” Derrick Favors caught him during the first round. Blake Griffin dunked on him enough in the second round that even Shawn Bradley felt bad. And Serge Ibaka was throwing him all over the court in the Western Conference Finals. Read More »

Smack / Apr 8, 2013 / 12:47 am

The Clippers Outclass The Lakers; Carmelo Anthony Is On The Hottest Scoring Streak Of The NBA Season

Chris Paul

It was fun watching Craig knock Deebo out. And in the ongoing Lakers/Clippers rivalry, it almost feels like that scene is playing out again and again. Los Angeles will always be a Lakers city. Always. But presently, there’s no question which team is best. The Clips answered the call again in yesterday’s matinee, busting up their big brother, 109-95. Read More »

NBA, Video / Apr 2, 2013 / 2:23 am

Caron Butler Tips In Airball Backwards At The Halftime Buzzer

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.33.05 PM Read More »

Smack / Jan 23, 2013 / 7:02 am

Kyrie Irving Makes His All-Star Case By Lighting Up Rajon Rondo; OKC Makes A Statement

Kyrie Irving

Rajon Rondo is one of the best defensive point guards in the NBA. The Boston Celtics, over the past 6-7 years, have been one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. And yet Rondo nor the C’s could do a damn thing with Kyrie Irving last night. On his way to 40 points, Irving dominated the fourth quarter and handed out buckets to the guys in green like they were demo CDs … Read More »

Smack / Dec 31, 2012 / 3:00 am

The Clippers Haven’t Lost In A Whole Month; Tony Parker Dices Up Dallas

Chris Paul

There wasn’t as much drama to this Clippers win over the Jazz, but even more significance came with it. L.A., you see, hasn’t lost in a pure month after beating Utah, 107-96. In their 17-game win streak, 16 of them came in December. It’s only the third 16-0 month in NBA history, after the ’72 Lakers and ’96 Spurs, though the ’96 Bulls went 14-0 in January during their 72-10 season. Unlike Friday’s dramatic win in SLC, the Clippers didn’t have to rally from 19 points down. Read More »

NBA, Video / Dec 31, 2012 / 12:14 am

Caron Butler Splits Defense And Hits A Sideways Layup

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 11.03.25 PM Read More »

NBA, Video / Dec 28, 2012 / 1:03 am

Jamal Crawford Cashes in a Long Three-Pointer

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 11.53.45 PM Read More »

Latest News, NBA / Oct 25, 2012 / 5:15 pm

The Top 20 Small Forwards In The NBA Today

LeBron James

Do positions even matter anymore? They feel arbitrary. Shooting guards and small forwards should be wings or swingmen. Power forwards and centers should just be bigs. Most of the time, those are the terms people within the sport use. But for fans and the media, having specific one through five positions help to make sense of it all. Read More »

NBA, Video / Oct 12, 2012 / 4:20 pm

Video: Three Clippers Scare Themselves Silly In A Haunted House

Trey Thompkins

No, that’s not a photo of forward Trey Thompkins looking on in terror at the horrifying former breakfast menu of Enes Kanter. No, Thompkins and Clipper teammates Ryan Hollins and Caron Butler all took a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights” before the latter two boarded the team flight to China last week for exhibition games. Predictably, it’s hilarious to see them screaming — and also seeing Butler prepare for the frights by dancing his way through the haunted house. Read More »