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A Love Letter To Regal, Renegade NBPA Director, Michele Roberts

Michele Roberts

We’re sick of casual basketball fans, and even some diehard fanatics, telling us NBA players — who have the highest average per-year salary of all four major sports — make too much money. Their salaries are capped, teams are capped, and they split the Basketball-Related Income (BRI) with the owners after losing the 2011 CBA negotiations. These same people often sing paeans to America’s free market economic system, too.* New NBPA Director, Michele Roberts, spoke out against the *billionaire* owners in a conversation with ESPN the Magazine, and now we’re in love. Read More »

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Kobe On Hypocrisy Of New TV Deal & CBA “Encouraging” Players To Take Less

Kobe Bryant, Arron Afflalo

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion we’re going to have some labor strife when the players can opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement after the 2016-17 season. With the new 9-year, $24 billion TV rights deal going into affect beginning with the start of that same 2016-17 season, it’s no wonder the players are ticked about all they’re being asked to do on behalf of the billionaire owners. That’s the exegesis of Kobe Bryant‘s tweet earlier today. Read More »

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Report: Faried Signs 5-Year, $60 Millon Extension, But It Doesn’t Work Under CBA?

Kenneth Faried, Blake Griffin

After an exciting summer that saw Nuggets PF Kenneth Faried earn All-Tournament honors as Team USA captured the gold at the 2014 FIBA World Cup, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports the Nuggets have signed the 24-year-old to a five-year, $60 million extension. Except, under the league’s current collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the fifth year of the extension requires a 7.5 percent raise from his rookie-scale deal. Read More »

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Kevin Durant Hinting At Wizards Shows Irony Of CBA

LeBron James, Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant applauded LeBron James‘ decision to return to the Cavaliers when speaking to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne during Team USA tryouts in Vegas yesterday. He also said some nice things about returning to play in his hometown when his Thunder face the Wizards. Now everyone is freaking out about KD’s possible move to Washington DC when he becomes a free agent after the 2015-16 season. The instances of star free agency have become more frequent and speak to the irony behind the 2011 collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Read More »

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Video: Quincy Douby Scores 75 Points in Chinese Basketball Association Game

quincy douby 75 points video

I was scrolling through some of the most recent basketball posts on Reddit yesterday afternoon when I spotted a new link to a box score from a Chinese Basketball Association from the previous night. The headline screamed that former Sacramento King Quincy Douby had put up 75 points in a win for his Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Bulls.

Video of the game though was nowhere to be found. But through the magic of YouTube, you can now see an edited reel of Douby’s absurd shooting performance (complete with an Eddy Curry cameo). Read More »

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Video: Stephon Marbury Gets Called a “B**tch” In China Finals; Knees Aaron Brooks in the Face

Stephon Marbury

I miss Stephon Marbury.

The headline to this post aside, things really are going quite well for Steph in China. This week he is in a spot to lead his Beijing Ducks to their first-ever CBA championship over league power Guandong Tigers (led by Aaron Brooks).

The 35-year old Marbury went nuts in the three games his team won in the 5-game semifinals, going for 30 points in one game, and 50+ in the other two. The finals won’t be easy though, as you see in this video from Game 1 where he gets a cheap shot from a defender and then gets told about it: Read More »

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The Top 5 Basketball Leagues Outside The United States

Josh Childress

The trendy thing to do these days if you’re an NBA player is to publicly announce that you are thinking about playing overseas. All the cool kids are doing it. Dwight Howard said he was thinking of jumping to Europe or China and Kobe Bryant was reportedly nearing a deal with Turkey’s Besiktas basketball club – the same team that recently signed Deron Williams. And why not? Playing overseas seems like a pretty sweet gig: you get to hang in some awesome foreign country for a couple months while playing against solid competition.

But that’s only if you pick the right league. Pick wrong and you could end up freezing your ass off on a bus in Siberia traveling from one empty gymnasium to another. That’s why we’re here to break down the five best leagues for NBA players looking to get some burn outside the U.S. Read More »